How to link mi fitness to health on Huawei

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Every year Xiaomi launches a new generation of its hit fitness bracelet Mi Band. 2022 was no exception and Xiaomi announced the new Mi Band 7 or, more precisely, Smart Band 7. The new device has received a number of changes and improvements, and the process of connecting to a smartphone has also changed slightly. In this manual, we will try to explain in as much detail and clearly as possible how to connect and configure Smart Band 7, as well as answer frequently asked questions.

First, let’s list the main technical characteristics of Smart Band 7, and at the same time compare them with the previous generation device.


How to turn on/off Mi Band 7

Like all previous versions of the  Mi Band, Mi Band 7 does not have an on/off button. If the battery is charged, the device is always on. If after purchasing the bracelet does not work, you just need to put it on charge and it will turn on. You can turn off the device through the bracelet menu. To do this, you need to open the menu (swipe up), select “Settings”, then “System”, “Turn off power”. To turn on the bracelet, just connect the magnetic charging cable.

How to set up Mi Band 7

Let’s look at the basic settings of the fitness bracelet. Some of them are in the menu of the bracelet itself, but all basic settings are made in the mobile application.

How to link mi fitness to health on Huawei

Settings in the Mi Band 7 menu

Unlike all previous versions, in Mi Band 7 the developers have provided the opportunity to make a fairly large number of settings from the menu of the bracelet itself, although almost all of them are also in the application. The following options are available:

Settings in the Zepp Life application

The Zepp Life application interface is divided into four tabs:

How to link mi fitness to health on Huawei

The main page contains all the activity information collected by the bracelet. The arrangement order and number of modules can be adjusted by dragging the desired module up or down the list.

How to link mi fitness to health on Huawei

The Training tab contains all data about sports activities. You can also start tracking your workout from here using your smartphone’s GPS module.

The friends section allows you to add friends to view information about their activity and sleep.

All main settings of Mi Band 7 are located in the “Profile” tab. Here you can see a list of connected devices, set up goals based on the number of steps taken, add friends, watch face store, set up behavior tags, report an error, smart analysis (personalized tips for improving your sleep quality) and account settings (units of measurement, app notifications, check for updates) .

How to link mi fitness to health on Huawei

Clicking on the icon at the top of the screen opens a section with personal information. Here you can upload a photo, indicate your name, gender, date of birth, height and weight. This data is needed for more accurate activity monitoring.

How to link mi fitness to health on Huawei

Mi Band 6 settings menu contains:

Display settings. Screen brightness, display backlight time (from 5 to 15 seconds), setting the operating time of the “Always on screen” mode (automatically, all day, in a certain time range, off). Turn on the screen by raising your hand. You can configure the activation time and response speed (normal or fast). Setting the operating time of the Always-On-Display function (from 5 to 20 minutes). Activate the screen when notified.

How to link mi fitness to health on Huawei

Vibration. It is possible to create your own vibration pattern for a specific type of notification.

Do not disturb mode. Set the start and end times of do not disturb mode.

Removal lock and password. When you enable this feature, the bracelet will be locked if you remove it from your wrist, and you will need to enter a 6-digit password to unlock it.

Display settings. In this section, you can customize the order of the bracelet menu items and hide unused functions.

Shortcut options. Here you can configure function widgets called by swiping left/right. You can add the necessary widgets and customize their arrangement by dragging modules up or down.

How to link mi fitness to health on Huawei

Language. Setting the interface language. You can set your phone’s language to be used automatically, or select the language you want from the list.

Night mode. Automatically reduces screen brightness at night.

How to link mi fitness to health on Huawei

How to link mi fitness to health on Huawei

Settings in the Mi Fitness application

The interface of the Mi Fitness application, in my opinion, is more convenient and understandable. It is also divided into 4 tabs:

How to link mi fitness to health on Huawei

The “Health” section contains all information about activity. It is possible to add only the necessary data to the main screen. From the Workouts tab, you can start tracking using your smartphone’s GPS module, as well as view detailed statistics about all your workouts. In the “Profile” menu, personal information is configured (gender, date of birth, height, weight), you connect to the Strava application, and you can transfer data from the Zepp Life application.

How to link mi fitness to health on Huawei

All bracelet settings are located in the “Device” menu. Almost the same settings are available as in Zepp Life, except that they are arranged in a different order:

How to charge Xiaomi Mi Band 7?

To charge Xiaomi Mi Band 6, you do not need to remove the capsule from the bracelet, as was the case in the 1st – 4th generation of Mi Band. Now you just need to attach the magnetic connector to the contacts on the back panel of the tracker and connect the cable to the power source.

The manufacturer recommends using a power source with a voltage of 5V and a current of 250 mA (0.25A). But, in fact, the power source can be any serviceable 5-volt power supply, regardless of the number of amps. The device will not take more current than it needs. The USB port of a computer, laptop or power bank is also suitable for charging.

The Mi Band 6 battery will charge from 0 to 50% in about 30 minutes, and a full charge takes about 1 hour 30 minutes.

How to connect Smart Band 7?

Xiaomi Mi Band 7 connects to smartphones using the Zepp Life (formerly Mi Fit) or Mi Fitness application. Choosing the best of these two apps is quite difficult. Zepp Life offers more settings for the device, but in terms of usability and interface, in my opinion, it is inferior to the Mi Fitness application.

What are the differences between Zepp Life and Mi Fitness


For iOS:

After downloading the application, you must register. To do this, you need to open the application, agree to the terms of use and privacy policy, then select your region and log in.

How to link mi fitness to health on Huawei

You will need a Mi account to log in. How to register a Mi account step by step, read this instruction.

How to link mi fitness to health on Huawei

2. After finding the bracelet, select it from the list.

How to link mi fitness to health on Huawei

3. Confirm pairing by touching the icon on the screen.

How to link mi fitness to health on Huawei

4. Wait until data synchronization is complete and complete basic settings (application notifications, incoming call notifications), create activity goals.

How to link mi fitness to health on Huawei

After the initial setup, the application will prompt you to update the software to the latest version, if available. Click update and wait for the update to complete (usually takes from 15 minutes to 1 hour).

How to link mi fitness to health on Huawei

After the update, the fitness bracelet interface will be in the phone language, and the time and date will be automatically synchronized. The tracker will start tracking and analyzing your daily activity.

How to connect Mi Band 7 to Zepp Life


For iOS:

The process of connecting a device to this application is not much different from connecting to Mi Fitness. After downloading the application, you need to open it and log in using your Mi account (instructions for registering a Mi account).

After authorization, click the “Add device” button (+ in the upper right corner of the main page).

How to link mi fitness to health on Huawei

How to link mi fitness to health on Huawei

2. Agree to the information processing notice and grant permission to the application to use the camera.

3. Click “there is no QR code on the bracelet.

How to link mi fitness to health on Huawei

4. Confirm pairing by touching the icon on the screen.

5. Sync your account settings with the bracelet.

How to link mi fitness to health on Huawei

What versions of Xiaomi Mi Band 7 are there?

As of July 2022, there are 4 versions of the bracelet:

Some bracelet buyers complained that the global version does not have Russian. Don’t worry, it should appear after the update.

What’s in the box?

How to link mi fitness to health on Huawei

The Xiaomi Mi Band 7 equipment is standard for all fitness bracelets in this line. The small rectangular box contains only the tracker itself, one strap, a charging cable with a magnetic connector and a user manual in several languages. The bracelet is available in six main colors, as well as special versions: two camouflage and two fluorescent. Aliexpress already has many models of straps and bracelets for Xiaomi Mi Band 7.

Frequently asked questions

If an ordinary watch can be worn on any hand, then with fitness bracelets there are certain nuances. It is best to wear the device on your less active hand. That is, it is better for a right-handed person to wear it on his left, and a left-handed person to wear it on his right wrist. The reason for this is the operating principle of the fitness bracelet.

Almost all gadgets of this type record activity using sensors such as an accelerometer and a gyroscope. The sensors in the bracelet count the number of steps not by the movement of the legs, but by the movement of the arms. Even when a person is standing or sitting, the bracelet can count a hand wave as a normal step, and since the inactive hand moves less, the number of “fake” steps counted will be much less.

For more accurate heart rate measurement, it is also preferable to wear the bracelet on your inactive hand. Optical technology allows you to obtain the most accurate data only when the wrist is relaxed and active muscle work does not interfere with blood circulation.

How to link mi fitness to health on Huawei

As for the location on the wrist, the bracelet should be tightened at a distance of one finger width from the wrist bone. The back of the device should be in contact with your skin, but do not tighten the strap too tightly. The bracelet should not move easily up and down the wrist, but it is worth leaving a small gap to allow the skin to breathe.

How to translate Mi Band 7 into another language?

By default, after synchronization, the bracelet interface will be translated into the language used on the smartphone. If the language installed on the phone is not supported by the bracelet, the menu will be in English. You can also switch the language in the Mi Fitness, Zepp Life application or in the bracelet menu.

How to enable Always-On-Display mode

You can enable the Always-On-Display function (always on the screen) in the application or bracelet menu. In the Zepp Life application, select the device, “Bracelet Settings” – “Show Settings” – “Always On Display”. You can configure the function to operate throughout the day, on a schedule, or in automatic mode. With automatic setting, Always-On-Display mode will automatically turn off during sleep or when the bracelet is removed from your hand.

To turn it on in the bracelet, you need to open the menu, select “Settings” – “Display” – “Display always on” and configure the function’s operating mode.

How to link mi fitness to health on Huawei

How to check the version and originality of the bracelet?

It’s quite easy to check whether your bracelet is original and what version it is. To do this, follow the link: https://www. In the special field, enter the IMEI or serial number of the bracelet. You can find this data on the packaging box or on one of the sides of the capsule by removing the strap.

How to link mi fitness to health on Huawei

After filling in the required data and confirmation code (captcha), you need to click “Verify”. If you have the original international version, a confirmation message will appear in English. If the version is for the Chinese market, then the message confirming the originality will be in Chinese.

How to link mi fitness to health on Huawei

Does the bracelet have GPS?

No, despite many rumors, Xiaomi Mi Band 7 does not have a built-in GPS module, so it uses the smartphone’s GPS to track workouts. Another fitness bracelet from the Xiaomi brand is equipped with a GPS module. But, although it is called Xiaomi Smart Band 7 Pro, it has nothing in common with the rest of the line and is even produced by a completely different manufacturer.

How to link mi fitness to health on Huawei

Does NFC work in Mi Band 7?

At the moment, there is no version of the 7 series fitness bracelet that supports contactless payment outside of China. You can use the NFC module, for example, to interact with a Xiaomi smart home or emulate access cards. The global version of Mi Band 7 with NFC will most likely be released a little later, as was the case with the 6th generation device.

What is the range of communication between Mi Band 7 and a smartphone?

In the absence of various obstacles in the form of walls, partitions, etc. (in the field) our device lost connection with the smartphone at a distance of about 50 meters. Indoors, the range of communication with a smartphone is much smaller.

Will the straps from Mi Band 6 fit Mi Band 7?

Many may have a question, since the dimensions of the capsule have changed, will the straps from Mi Band 6 be suitable for the new Mi Smart Band 7? Yes, most of the straps from last year’s model fit the new one. The capsule is inserted with some effort, but you can use old straps.

Can Mi Band 7 measure blood pressure?

Unfortunately, the function of measuring blood pressure on the Mi Band 7 did not appear, despite the fact that the company Zepp Health (Huami), which, in fact, produces fitness bracelets for Xiaomi, announced the imminent appearance of such a function in their wearable gadgets back in the middle of last year (read more).

Can the bracelet count floors?

No. The Xiaomi Mi Band 7 does not have an altimeter, so the bracelet cannot calculate the height of the climb during training or the number of floors climbed.

Can Mi Band answer calls?

No. The bracelet can only notify about an incoming call, accompanying it with vibration, with the ability to reject or switch to silent mode.

What is Personal Activity Assistant (PAI)?

How to link mi fitness to health on Huawei

The abbreviation PAI stands for Personal Activity Intelligence, or personal activity index. The goal of PAI is a single, easy-to-understand activity tracking metric that can help people manage their health.

The essence of the method for determining the PAI index is as follows: the fitness bracelet measures the pulse around the clock and analyzes the data obtained. Using data on heart rate at rest and the heart’s response to various types of stress, as well as information on age, weight and gender, the algorithm calculates a single numerical score, which is a personal activity index. The purpose of the indicator is to motivate the user to an active lifestyle and exercise.

This material will help you learn more about what PAI is and why it is needed.

Does Mi Smart Band 7 measure blood oxygen levels?

Yes, Mi Smart Band 7 has SpO2 measurement function. You can take a one-time measurement in real time or set up automatic monitoring. Manual measurement is started by selecting the appropriate icon in the bracelet menu. Automatic measurement is configured in the application. However, it is worth considering that the device only measures oxygen saturation if you are at rest for a long time, and that turning on automatic monitoring will significantly reduce battery life.

How to link mi fitness to health on Huawei

Does the bracelet count naps?

In addition to night sleep, Mi Band 7 also takes into account daytime sleep. The device can also evaluate the quality of breathing during sleep, if this option is activated in the settings.

Does Mi Band 7 have a smart alarm clock?

In addition to regular alarms, it supports setting a smart wake-up or smart alarm. When you enable this option, the band will try to determine your ideal wake-up time based on your sleep cycle 10 minutes before the alarm with the Mi Fitness app and 30 minutes before the alarm with the Zepp Life app.

How to link mi fitness to health on Huawei

How to adjust the screen brightness?

The screen brightness can be adjusted both through the bracelet menu and from the mobile application. In the first case, go to the menu, then select “Settings” – “Display” – “Brightness adjustment”. Move the slider to the desired position by swiping up or down.

In the application, you need to go to the “Device” – “Bracelet Settings” – “Display Settings” menu and select the desired brightness level.

You can change the dial design by long pressing on the main screen. The option is convenient, but sometimes it can be annoying to change the theme at will. The developer has provided the ability to disable the function of changing the main screen with a long press. To do this, go to the fitness bracelet menu, then “Settings”, then select “Use settings” and select “Press and hold the watch face”.

How to disconnect Mi Band 7 from your smartphone?

To disable a device, go to the “Profile” tab and select the device. In the window that opens, scroll to the very bottom, click the “Disconnect” button and confirm the disconnection. After a few seconds, Mi Band 7 will be ready to connect to another smartphone.

How to link mi fitness to health on Huawei

Why is only the phone number displayed when there is an incoming call, and not the contact name?

To display a contact name, phone numbers in the phone book must be written in international format. That is, start with +7, +3, etc., depending on the country.

How to set the date and time?

The time and date on the fitness bracelet are automatically synchronized with the smartphone immediately after pairing. You cannot manually set the time and date from the device menu.

How to remove the capsule from the strap?

To remove the capsule from the strap, grasp one side of the strap and the edge of the capsule with one hand. With your other hand, pull the strap slightly to the side and down, while holding the capsule from below with your finger, as shown in the photo below.

How to link mi fitness to health on Huawei

To assemble the bracelet, insert one end of the capsule into the groove of the strap and, holding its edge, press the opposite edge of the capsule with your finger (as in the photo below).

How to link mi fitness to health on Huawei

What can Mi Band 7 do, what are its functions?

If we compare Smart Band 7 with the previous Mi Band 6, there are not many new features. One of the key improvements is the increased screen area. Now it has become much more convenient to read notifications coming from your smartphone, as well as interact with the interface. There is also support for the Always-On-Display function (always on the screen), which was not present in any previous version of this line.

Among the functions, it became possible to track VO2 max (cardio endurance), the number of tracked sports modes increased to 120, a function was added for continuous monitoring of SpO2 levels and a warning about low blood oxygen levels, and recommendations for post-workout recovery were added.

Smart Band 7 can also:

How to add a watch face to Mi Band 7

There are 5 standard watch faces available on the bracelet, 4 of which have interactive widgets. More than 100 more options are available in the “Store” section of the Mi Fitness and Zepp Life applications.

To install a new watch face, open Zepp Life, go to the Profile tab. Select Xiaomi Mi Band 7 from the list of devices, go to the Store, click on the watch face you like and sync it with the fitness bracelet.

How to link mi fitness to health on Huawei

In the Mi Fitness app, go to the “Device” tab. Select “Watch faces”, then “Online”, click on the watch face you like and synchronize it with the fitness bracelet by clicking the “Apply” button.

How to link mi fitness to health on Huawei

Controls and interface

All control is carried out using swipes. The screen turns on by raising your hand, touching the screen or swiping up on the screen (configurable in the bracelet menu).

There is no button to return to the main screen and sometimes you have to make a few swipes to the right to return to the main screen. A single swipe to the right takes you back one step.

How to link mi fitness to health on Huawei

Long press on the main screen to open the dial selection and settings menu. The available options can be scrolled by swiping up/down, and by clicking the settings icon you can customize the watch face for yourself by selecting only the widgets (modules) you need.

Swipe up and down to open the menu and scroll through its items, swipe left/right to call up widgets. The order of arrangement, as well as the number of menu items and widgets, can be configured in the Zepp Life application, which we will discuss in more detail below.

The Mi Band 6 menu consists of the following items:

In the application, you can customize the order of menu items, remove unused functions, or move them to the “More” item

The widget menu (called by swiping left/right) by default consists of:

In the corresponding menu in the mobile application, you can add widgets for almost all functions of the fitness bracelet and configure their order.

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