Huawei p20 lite does not load beyond recovery


Why Huawei y7 pro 2020 does not turn on

There are many reasons why a device may not work properly; problems often arise during everyday use. According to technicians and representatives of device manufacturers, startup failures may be associated with the following events:

  • after updating the operating system, some system files were installed with errors;
  • the device stopped loading due to viruses that came with applications installed not from the Play Market;
  • after falling onto a hard surface, the display or battery cable is disconnected;
  • the USB connector is clogged or small but harmful rust stains have appeared on the contacts due to moisture.

It’s worth noting right away: coping with mechanical damage on your own is not easy. During home repairs, you can inadvertently break any connections, thereby making your smartphone beyond repair. If the methods proposed below do not give a positive result, then it is recommended to contact a trusted service center for diagnosis and repair.

Honor band 5 is charging, but does not turn on

This model allows you to skip the power-on mode, since the display is active for a couple of seconds. It is impossible to remove these settings. There is no need to worry. Use brief instructions for use:

  1. Perform a quick reboot and press the “Shutdown” button.
  2. Now we connect to the smartphone again.
  3. Download the Huawei Health app again.

These simple steps will help solve the problem.


Android users often encounter malicious software. Viruses can not only steal personal data, but also cause malfunctions in the functioning of the operating system. Option one is to reinstall the OS.

Additional methods

What to do if the methods described above did not help? The gadget suddenly turns off, stops responding to pressing the power button or charging – most likely the problem lies in mechanical damage. If it previously fell or fell into water, then it makes sense to contact a service center for diagnostics.

Another probable cause is battery failure. The main symptom is a rapid discharge from 100 to 0 percent until a malfunction is detected. For smartphones with removable batteries, you can try to buy a similar one and simply replace it. If the body is solid, then it will not be possible to do without the intervention of craftsmen.

Red indicator flashes

The red indicator in devices from Honor and Huawei is used to warn the user when the battery level is low. If the smartphone refuses to start and the red LED is blinking, then the reason is a breakdown of the battery or power connector.

Does not turn on after update

Sometimes the watch stops functioning after new updates. This means that the updated settings are not suitable for the mobile phone and bracelet. In this case, it is recommended to return the device to its original settings. What to do?

  1. Remove the connection with the clock.
  2. Connect to the power supply system and hold down the shutdown key.
  3. After that, launch the settings folder.
  4. Click on the reset item.
  5. Now we make a new pairing and download the application to the smartphone again.
  6. Set the desired language.

Contacting the service center

At the service center, specialists work according to the following scheme:

  1. They accept the device from the owner and ask to describe the problem and the accompanying circumstances under which it arose.
  2. Conduct in-depth diagnostics to find the cause.
  3. Reinstall the operating system or replace damaged parts.

It is important to contact only large service centers, or better yet, an authorized company that has received approval from the device manufacturer. Then you can be confident in the quality of the repairs performed and spare parts installed.

No charge

The lack of charge is due to several reasons:

  • the battery is broken;
  • the charging connector is faulty;
  • you simply did not replenish the battery capacity.


One of the popular ways to solve any problems with a smartphone is a hard reset. On Huawei and Honor it can be done according to the following scheme:

  • hold down the start button and volume keys;
  • After the logo appears, release the power button;
  • Wait for the device to reboot and delete all user data.

Water ingress

Honor also does not turn on as a result of water getting inside the case. Moisture can cause short circuits, oxidation and damage to components. You need to take your phone in for repair so that specialists can disassemble it and assess the extent of the damage that has occurred.

After the update, the phone does not turn on

What should I do if my Honor phone does not turn on after the update? Much depends on what software was installed. If you received an official update that disabled your phone, then this case can be covered under warranty. You must contact an authorized service center to have specialists reinstall the system.

Did you install the firmware yourself, and even an unofficial one? Then you can try to repeat the software installation by selecting a different version of the rolling system. If this does not help, you will have to contact the service for help.

After fully charged

It is important to understand that if the smartphone is charging, then the cause of the failure is definitely not the battery or the power connector. It is not always possible to diagnose a breakdown at home; it all depends on the specific situation.

Battery problem

If there is a problem with the battery or power connector, these components must be replaced. Again, contact an authorized service center. Specialists will diagnose the problem, order the necessary parts and perform a replacement.

Problem with OS

Huawei uses the Android operating system as its base. Additionally, the company is rolling out its own shell on it to change the appearance of the OS and add various functions. It is because of this that problems could arise; specialists made mistakes when preparing the code and optimizing Android.

Software error

Software errors are a fairly common cause of problems with starting a device. They can only be solved by installing a different version of the operating system.

Phone in bootloop mode

Bootloop – cyclic reboot of the device. It occurs as a result of software failures; the phone cannot fully start the system and tries repeatedly. The solution is to reinstall the OS, which is best done in the service.

The phone turns on and immediately turns off

It is impossible to name the exact reason for this situation. It occurs when:

  • battery failure;
  • low battery level;
  • power connector failure;
  • failure of a number of internal components;
  • software failures.

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