Huawei presented the RuralStar Lite solution at MWC 2019

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During MWC-2019, Huawei presented its advanced solution for rural networks, RuralStar Lite. This development gives residents of small communities of 500 to 1,000 people cost-effective access to voice and mobile broadband services.

At the same time, the payback period for telecom operators does not exceed three years. RuralStar Lite is an addition to Huawei’s rural network solution, and it has become another exemplary example of how Huawei promotes digital transformation on a wide range of scales.

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According to a GSMA report, more than 700 million people around the world still do not have access to mobile network services. The majority of them live in rural areas, which indicates an acute demand for mobile services in small communities.

Huawei launched the RuralStar solution to reach these unconnected rural areas with mobile communications. This solution has been implemented in more than 90 networks in different countries, resulting in hundreds of millions of people having access to mobile communications, most of them for the first time.

RuralStar successfully solves a number of long-standing problems of network development in rural areas, where data transmission is difficult to achieve, infrastructure construction is expensive, electricity supply is unstable, and network deployment takes a long time.

Thanks to Huawei’s solution, the payback period for operators can remain within three years for a rural network with coverage of more than 1,000 subscribers. To give unconnected villages with a population of 500 to 1,000 people access to communication services, the company released the Lite solution with local features in mind – a small number of connections and a small coverage area.

The Huawei solution, equipped with four solar panels, consumes no more than 200 watts. It allows you to install all the associated equipment on poles from 6 to 9 meters high without the need to install supports and barriers. When you consider all these advantages, the project cost is significantly reduced, and the total cost of ownership is tangibly reduced. The RuralStar Lite solution has already been successfully implemented in Zambia.

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“Geographical isolation makes it difficult for people in rural areas to access mobile communications. The Huawei RuralStar solution solves this problem cost-effectively and quickly recoups the investment, offering a broad perspective on rural connectivity. RuralStar Lite takes a step forward in digital transformation by providing remote villagers with access to the digital world,” said Hao Yingtao, president of the Wireless Site sector of Huawei’s Wireless Network.

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