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Recovery in Chinese

Devices made in China are equipped with a system menu in the manufacturer’s language. For ease of use, you need to compare the recovery menu items in Chinese with standard items that are identical in content and set of functions.

To call the recovery menu you need:

  1. Turn off the power to the device
  2. Press and hold the power and volume up keys at the same time
  3. Holding down the buttons will turn on the device and display the required mode

The user can move up and down through the settings items using the volume buttons; to select a specific action, use the “home” button.

The main sections of the recovery system menu in Chinese correspond to the standard translation:

  • Auto Test – checking the basic parameters of the operating system and testing it for errors
  • Wipe eMMC – hard reset of all parameters and settings of the smartphone without the possibility of recovery
  • Reboot – reboot
  • Version info – help
  • Mounts with Storage – managing the gadget’s memory, information about the amount of free space or formatting
  • Wipe Cache Partition – clearing the cache
  • Wipe Cache Partition – copying all existing information
  • Factory Reset – restoring factory settings

To exit the settings, just press the power off button.

To restore the device to factory settings, perform a hard reset. This item can be accomplished in two ways – in the menu and, for cases when the smartphone does not turn on, using a key combination. Hard reset on a Chinese phone in the menu is convenient to use only if the items in Russian are configured:

  1. Select “Settings”
  2. Activate “Restore and reset”
  3. Additionally, click on “Reset settings”

For those cases when the device does not turn on or the Russified menu is not available, resetting the hard reset on a Chinese phone is performed through the rakveri or by pressing the “Power” “Home” “Volume Down” buttons, then select wipe.

Performing a hard reset will delete all the user’s personal data from the gadget’s memory.

Resetting settings on a Chinese device Wipe data factory reset allows the user to clear the cache, remove installed applications and errors caused by their operation, while saving media files – music, photos, images.

You can call up the recovery menu on Android OS in a Xiaomi device by following the standard sequence of actions. Turn off the smartphone, then simultaneously hold down the volume up, home and power buttons. The volume up/down buttons are used to move through items, the power key is used to select or activate one of the actions.

On Android, in the recovery system menu, you can not only reset, but also test the phone’s operation in the Factory mode item. It is represented by several subparagraphs, deciphering their meaning in Russian:

  • Full Test – all phone parameters are checked
  • Item Test – custom scan
  • Signaling Test – SIM card and signal level test
  • GPS – diagnostics of the correct operation of the location system

Enabling the NFC function on a Huawei (honor) smartphone – step-by-step instructions

The procedure for enabling the NFC function is described in the article How to enable the NFC function on a HUAWEI (honor) smartphone? To go to the article, click here.

Of course, the easiest way to enable NFC is the second way through the Notification Panel, but we will describe the procedure for enabling it through the Phone Settings to find out whether the Tap Payment application is installed on your smartphone.

  1. Launch the Phone Settings application .
    6 способов разблокировать телефон Huawei если забыл пароль (графический ключ)
  2. Go to the “Device Connection” section. 6 способов разблокировать телефон Huawei если забыл пароль (графический ключ)
  3. Select the “NFC” item. 6 способов разблокировать телефон Huawei если забыл пароль (графический ключ)
  4. Turn on the NFC service by clicking on the switch icon.
  5. The NFC function is activated from now on. 6 способов разблокировать телефон Huawei если забыл пароль (графический ключ)
  6. Next, swipe up the bottom part of the screen, where the “Pay by touch” item is located.
  7. At the bottom of the screen we see: “Default payment application – Not installed.” 6 способов разблокировать телефон Huawei если забыл пароль (графический ключ)
  8. Next, click on the “Default payment application” item. 6 способов разблокировать телефон Huawei если забыл пароль (графический ключ)
  9. The message “No payment applications” appears on the next screen.

Therefore, we move on to stage 2.

Due to the fact that your smartphone, released by HUAWEI Corporation, runs the Android Operating System (OS), you must install the Google Pay application for electronic payments from mobile devices on your phone (from the English Pay – pay, pay, pay off).

Until February 20, 2021, the Google Pay app was called Android Pay.

How to recover deleted data from huawei phone without backup

Step 1. Launch Android Huawei Data Recovery and connect your Huawei phone to your computer. Download, install and run Android Data Recovery on your computer. You will see three main functions: Android Data Recovery, Android Data Backup & Restore, and Android Corrupt Data Retrieval.

Android Data Recovery: Recover deleted and lost data from Android phones/tables.

Android Data Backup and Restore: Backup and restore data on Android devices.

Broken Android Data Extraction: Fix broken/locked Android to normal mode and extract data from broken/damaged Samsung phones.

To recover deleted files from Huawei mobile phone, enter “Android Data Recovery” function.

Launch it and connect your Huawei phone to your computer using a USB cable. Once you connect your phone to your computer, the application will detect it and display it in the main window.

Step 2: Enable USB Debugging on Huawei Phone To enable USB debugging, let the program enable USB debugging of the device. You can find suitable ones according to your Android OS. More details are included in this guide: How to Enable USB Debugging on an Android Device.

1) For Android 4.2 or later: Go to Settings > Tap About Phone > Tap Build Number several times until the “You are in Developer Mode” note appears > Back to Settings > Click Developer Options. > Check “USB Debugging”2)

For Android 3.0 to 4.1: Go to Settings > Click on Developer Options > Check USB Debugging. 3) For Android 2.3 or earlier: Go to Settings > Click on Apps »> click “Develop”> check the “USB Debugging” checkbox.4)

Step 3: Select file types to scan Here you can select different file types to scan. If you have lost almost all types of Huawei data, you can click “Select All” to scan all your phone data. Here, you can choose a file name to move to the next step, including Messages, Contacts, Photos, Videos, WhatsApp Messages, Call Logs, and Documents.

Step 4. Root Phone for Deep Scan (optional) When you see the screenshot below, the software tells you: “Your phone is not rooted, so we cannot continue with deep scan, which can scan more data than normal scan . Click Normal Scan to continue or Root Tools for rooting tips.”

This means that the software is asking if you need to root the phone since Huawei’s deep scan requires root permission. If you want to root your device to deeply scan more deleted data, click on “Advanced Root” and download Android root tool called KingoRoot This tool recommended by our professional technicians will help you root your Android device quickly and safely.

In order to link a bank card to your Huawei Honor phone, follow these steps:

  1. Launch the application Google
    from the Desktop.
  2. When you first launch the application, the procedure for linking a bank card to your smartphone immediately begins. Therefore, click on the “Start” button. 6 способов разблокировать телефон Huawei если забыл пароль (графический ключ)
  3. The first step is to scan the front of your card. Your smartphone camera automatically turns on and you need to point it so that the card fits completely into the frame. 6 способов разблокировать телефон Huawei если забыл пароль (графический ключ)
  4. After a second delay associated with scanning the card and recognizing information from it, you go to the next page.
  5. On the first page of the “Add a bank card” section, there is information based on the scan results, namely the card number, month and year of expiration, type of payment system. 6 способов разблокировать телефон Huawei если забыл пароль (графический ключ)
  6. Here you need to manually enter the three-digit CVC code located on the back of the card
  7. After this, you need to click on the “MORE” button.
  8. On the second page you need to enter your name exactly as it appears on the card. (In our case, enter the name “Roman”). After this, you need to click on the “MORE” button. 6 способов разблокировать телефон Huawei если забыл пароль (графический ключ)
  9. On the third page you must enter your phone number. (In our case, enter the phone number “79000008299”). After this, you need to click on the “MORE” button.
  10. On the fourth page you need to confirm the correctness of the entered information and click on the “SAVE” button.
  11. On the next page you need to read the “Terms of use established by the issuing bank” of the card (in our case, these are the conditions of Alfa-Bank) and click on the “Accept” button. 6 способов разблокировать телефон Huawei если забыл пароль (графический ключ)
  12. On the next page you will be asked to confirm the card details entered earlier.
  13. To receive a secret confirmation code, click on the “Continue” button.
  14. After this, an SMS message with a secret confirmation code will be sent to your phone. 6 способов разблокировать телефон Huawei если забыл пароль (графический ключ)
  15. Enter the verification code and click on the checkmark icon in the lower right corner of the screen. (In our case, we enter the code from the SMS message “387341”). 6 способов разблокировать телефон Huawei если забыл пароль (графический ключ)
  16. This completes the procedure for linking an Alfa-Bank MasterCard bank card to your smartphone. The message “Main card for contactless payment” will appear on the screen.

From now on, you can pay for goods and services by simply touching your NFC-enabled smartphone to any contactless payment terminal.

How to unlock a tablet on Android (forgot pattern key, password)

6 способов разблокировать телефон Huawei если забыл пароль (графический ключ)

Judging by the statistics, many people have problems unlocking their tablet. Unfortunately, even if the device is under warranty, they will not unlock it for you for free. You’ll have to pay some money, but you won’t have to make any effort. Don’t want to spend money on paying at the service center? No problem, read on. In this article I will discuss restoring access to your device if you have forgotten your password or pattern to log in.

Как разблокировать планшет на Андроид

1) If you had the Internet turned on

If it is impossible to unlock your tablet was connected to the Internet
you can try the following: when you enter the key incorrectly many times in a row (usually after the fifth time within 30 seconds), carefully watch the screen – a window will pop up asking you to restore access and enter your username and password for your Google mailbox ( gmail). In some cases, the offer to restore access will be at the bottom of the key entry field, like on the Nexus 7.

Как разблокировать планшет на Андроид

Try entering your login (without and password for your account. If you have forgotten your password or login, you can try to recover it using Google here here
. If it doesn’t work, we move on. This is the easiest way, but it doesn’t work for everyone.

Как разблокировать планшет на Андроид

2) If you have software from the manufacturer

Another option is to unlock the tablet using proprietary programs. Like Kies from Samsung or HiSuite from Huawei. It happens that people forget (or don’t know, in the case of buying used devices) even the Google mailbox to which the Google Play account is linked. This software can help.

3) If USB debugging was enabled in the settings

A very rare method of resetting unlocking through the ADB RUN program, it can only help you if your tablet had USB debugging enabled in the settings. If the tablet is locked, you naturally will not be able to enable debugging. Still, if you can’t, try it, in case this option was enabled and you didn’t even know it.

1. Download ADB drivers for your Android tablet. Use Google search, enter the query “Adb driver for Nexus 7” without quotes. Instead of Nexus 7, enter the name and model of your device.
3. Install the ADB driver on a computer running Windows 7 or 8. The detailed process of installing drivers on a PC is described here
4. Download and install the program ADB RUN on your computer

5. Launch the program, you will see a simple main menu.

Как разблокировать планшет на Android

6. Connect your Android device to your computer using a USB cable
7. Press the “1” button on the keyboard, and confirm your choice with the Enter key. This way you will activate the “Device attached?” function, which will check if your tablet is connected to the computer.

If the program reports that the tablet is not connected, this means that the ADB drivers are either not installed or the wrong driver is installed. Re-read steps 2 and 3, and download the appropriate driver, and then install it correctly. Happened? Go ahead. If it doesn’t work out, there’s no point in continuing.

8. Do you see the line “Unlock Gesture Key” and the number next to it? This is the point we need. Press the number “6” on the computer keyboard and confirm your choice with the Enter key.

Как разблокировать планшет на Android

9. Next, a window will open in which two automatic methods are offered. If you press “1”, the gesture.key file responsible for storing the pattern key will be deleted. After this, all you have to do is reboot the device and enter absolutely any pattern. The second method will simply reset the system.db file, and you will be able to use your device as before.

That’s all, if you did everything correctly, congratulations. If it doesn’t work, try again, carefully reading each point before, or try to do the same, only on the command line. To do this, follow the following path on a computer with a connected tablet: START button in Windows -> Run… -> enter “cmd” without quotes -> enter the following commands, after each line pressing Enter on the keyboard:
cd adb/progbin
adb shell
rm /data/system/gesture.key

Как разблокировать планшет на Android

3) If there is a Recovery menu

If there are no more options left, but you have the Recovery menu on the tablet
— do Hard Reset
. Look on the Internet or for instructions on how to do it for your tablet model. Please note that all your data saved in the internal memory of the device will be deleted. The memory card will not be affected.

Dima gave excellent advice in the comments, and Alexander made a useful clarification:

  1. turn off the tablet
  2. simultaneously press the keys “ increase volume
    » key « house
    » (if available) power key
  3. hold down the power button until vibration response and then release the power button
  4. at the same time, still hold down the volume button until the menu appears
  5. then volume buttons « more/less
    ” ( /-) select ” wipe data/factory reset
    ” and press the power button on it
  6. if another list with one item appears yes
    and the rest no
    — select volume yes
    and press the power button
  7. wait until the reset occurs, and then click the first line at the top (“ reboot system now
    “) – the tablet will reboot
  8. that’s all, this reset should solve the problem

ATTENTION, if the method above did not help you, simultaneously press the “ volume down keys
» and power key
in the second paragraph.

If your tablet does not have volume buttons, but you need to reset it, then you need to read the instructions. Everyone does it differently. But for Explay Informer 701 hard reset is done like this:

1. press and hold down the “back” button
2. press, but do not hold, the power button 1 time
3. release “back”
4. Android itself will appear in person, press the “home” button
5. the menu appears, select reset in it

Owners of Chinese tablets may find the advice from Natalya useful, which she gave in the comments:

1. Turn off the tablet

2. Press the volume button and at the same time the power button briefly for 4 seconds, then release the power button and alternately press the volume button first then – then then – and so on several times, not quickly one at a time

3. Then again hold the power button and the volume button together and then the recovery menu should pop up.

It didn’t work out for me right away, I tried different options, pressed them in different orders at different speeds, in general, by luck, I found at random an option for the order of pressing these buttons, at first I got an Android with a red belly, which means that the unlocking option is not fits and you need to try another option. So, after the required recovery menu pops up, look for “wipe data/factory reset”, move using the volume button and make a selection with the power button. Then a column appears with a lot of No No No No, click yes delete all user data, then another column will pop up, there we look for “reboot system now” click and you’re done.

4) If there is no more hope

Well, what can I tell you. The surest way to solve the problem with the graphic key is to reflash the tablet

In case of complete despair, I recommend that you simply take the tablet for service or repair. Yes, you will pay some amount, but believe me, sometimes it’s better to just pay than to suffer with the problem, spending a lot of time and nerves on it, and never solving it. Moreover, if it is not you, but your friend, who is to blame for the problem, why not take this amount from him? This seems logical to me. This way you can make money by taking a little more than the cost of unlocking from the specialists as moral compensation. But it’s up to you, of course.

How to reset your google account in photos ↓

Удаление сети Wi-Fi на телефоне

Step No. 1 – Delete the Wi-Fi network to which the Honor smartphone is connected

Now, pay attention! Another image with a red button appeared in front of you: “Reset all settings.” Click on it and hold for exactly 6 seconds. After counting down 6 seconds, press the power button on the smartphone. Now we need to select the reboot icon on the smartphone screen.

Сброс аккаунта гугл - завершение

Step No. 29 – Click: “Reset all settings” and hold for exactly 6 seconds, then press the power button of the Honor smartphone

After rebooting the device, we will see the result of our work. The Google account reset should be successful. If you didn’t succeed the first time, then repeat the procedure again.

Attention!!! For anyone who has failed to reset their Google account on an Honor device, I recommend trying the methods written below. As far as possible, I will develop working methods for each smartphone model from Honor.

How to remove screen lock on Huawei and Honor phones: step-by-step guide

How to remove screen lock on Huawei and Honor? This question does not often bother smartphone owners, since the blocking is intended for their own safety. It helps to protect data and confidential information stored on the phone from attacks by strangers. But some people find this Android protection measure inconvenient, so they prefer to get rid of it.

Как отключить блокировку экрана на Huawei и Honor

To deactivate a pattern or any other method of protection, it is recommended to use the basic settings of Honor and Huawei:

  1. you need to open your phone settings;
  2. go to the section on security and privacy;
  3. switch to the “screen lock and passwords” subsection;
  4. select the “password” item and select the “no” option in the menu that opens;
  5. after which it remains to confirm the decision made and the removal of the lock by entering a graphic key (or other identity verification);
  6. and agree with the system warning.

как убрать блокировку экрана

Usually the listed actions are enough to achieve the desired result and turn off the blocking. Exceptions are cases when deactivation is prevented by the data encryption installed on the smartphone, certificates and requirements for administrator rights.

If the method suggested above does not help disable the screen lock on Huawei and Honor, it is recommended to consistently remove all interference and use workarounds.

First of all, it is recommended to delete existing certificates from your smartphone. To do this, just in the same “security” section, find the item that offers to clear your credentials and use it.

как убрать блокировку

The next step is to cancel the encryption method used on Android. The function can be disabled in the same section. Therefore, Honor owners will not have any difficulties in achieving the desired result.

If the listed methods do not allow you to remove the ban on disabling the blocking, you should:

  1. configure protection by selecting a graphic key as the optimal unlocking method;
  2. set a backup PIN code to gain access in emergency situations;
  3. lock the screen and turn it on again;
  4. Enter the wrong pattern 5 times in a row, waiting until the prompt to use a backup PIN appears;
  5. enter the selected combination.

убрать блокировку экрана

Usually the listed actions are sufficient to obtain the desired result, and unnecessary protection is completely lost.

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How to set a password on Huawei and Honor smartphones

The instructions for setting the password will be as follows:

  1. Let’s go to the parameters!
  2. Open the “Security and Privacy” section. смена пароля шаг один
  3. Find the item “Setting a screen unlock password”. смена пароля шаг два
  4. Select – PIN.
  5. Next, we come up with a six-digit code and confirm it by re-entering it. смена пароля шаг три
  6. When the PIN creation procedure is completed, the system will prompt the user to set up a fingerprint. смена пароля шаг четыре

It is not necessary to strictly use a PIN code. On Android, you can choose from the following available options:

It doesn’t matter which option is preferable for you. The main thing is to install protection that will protect user information from strangers. This is especially necessary for those who use banking applications or electronic wallets on their smartphones.

Setting up and removing the bios post password | Huawei support Russia

Bypass Google account Huawei(honor). android 10

Now I would like to answer the most popular questions on this topic that our readers ask us:



” width=”150″ height=”150″>

HUAWEI MediaPad 10 FHD 3G 16 GB (S10-101u) firmware – download free update to Android 11, 10.0, 9.0, 8.0




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    256 GB blue. DNS online store
  • Solution #2: use smart lock

    Honor phones with Android version 5.0 and higher have a SmartLock option that allows you to unlock your mobile device in additional ways. The owner can configure the operation of the option based on his own preferences. Unblocking can be configured using the following methods:

    1. turning on Bluetooth
      and setting up contact with the device;
    2. face recognition;
    3. fingerprint, etc.

    Note that you can unlock Honor 9 or a phone of another model if you have forgotten the code only if the option is enabled. In other cases, you will have to look for other options. To activate it, follow these steps:

    Как разблокировать телефон Хонор, если забыл пароль и снять блокировку

    Older models may require the following steps:

    Как разблокировать телефон Хонор, если забыл пароль и снять блокировку

    This is a simple method to hack Honor password in a legal way and using built-in settings. The downside is that they will have to be installed in advance, because otherwise you won’t be able to unlock your smartphone if you forgot the code.

    Put a password on the folder

    The Android system does not provide an option that allows you to set a password for a specific folder. Although this does not mean that you cannot realize this opportunity. On Google Play you will find many applications that allow you to block access to specific applications or files on your phone.

    We would recommend downloading the program – AppLock. Why? One of the main reasons is the convenient and intuitive interface, as well as wide functionality. How to use it?

    1. First of all, install the utility from the market. смена пароля шаг пять
    2. Click the “Open” button.
    3. A page opens where the application immediately asks you to come up with a graphic key.
    4. We come up with any and confirm the choice. смена пароля шаг шесть
    5. In the main menu you will see the entire list of available options. But, since we need to hide and protect files, we click on the “Storage” item. смена пароля шаг семь
    6. Select a section, for example, photos or files. смена пароля шаг восемь
    7. A page will open where the program will prompt you to select certain documents to move to the storage. смена пароля шаг девять
    8. To move, click on the image of the castle on the bottom panel. If you want to select all documents at once, click on the checkboxes below.

    As you already understood, the selected files will be moved to this application. That is, to access them, you need to open AppLock, enter the pattern and go to the storage.

    Installing the Google Pay application on your Huawei (honor) smartphone.

    1. On the Main work screen, launch the Google Play Market application (virtual store for users of the Android operating system). Please do not confuse this with the Google Pay app. 6 способов разблокировать телефон Huawei если забыл пароль (графический ключ)
    2. In the top search line, type the word “pay” in Latin letters and click on the “Search” button at the bottom of the screen. 6 способов разблокировать телефон Huawei если забыл пароль (графический ключ)
    3. The program generated a list of applications with the word “Pay”.
    4. Select the “Google Pay” application. 6 способов разблокировать телефон Huawei если забыл пароль (графический ключ)
    5. Having entered the installation section of the Google Pay application, click on the “install” button. 6 способов разблокировать телефон Huawei если забыл пароль (графический ключ)
    6. After the phone has downloaded the application from the virtual application library and installed it on your smartphone, you will be prompted to click on the “Open” button.

    For now, we will not launch this application, but will go to the Phone Settings application we opened earlier in its NFC section. To do this, on the Navigation Panel (this is the bottom line of the screen, consisting of at least 3 navigation buttons), you need to click on the “Switch applications” button in the form of a square.

    1. A list of open applications appears on your screen. You need to select Settings
      phone and click on the icon of this application. 6 способов разблокировать телефон Huawei если забыл пароль (графический ключ)
    2. We are now back at the “NFC” page of the phone’s Settings. At the bottom of the screen, in the “Default payment application” item, the inscription “Google Pay” appeared.
    3. Click on it. 6 способов разблокировать телефон Huawei если забыл пароль (графический ключ)
    4. In the “Default Payment Application” section, the “Google Pay” item has appeared in the Payment Applications list.
    5. We have made sure that your smartphone has the necessary application to work with a bank card via the phone’s NFC module.

    Let’s move on to stage 3.

    We have all the necessary applications installed, we have a bank card, the smartphone is turned on and unlocked, then it’s time to move on to linking the bank plastic card to the smartphone to make contactless payments using the smartphone.

    One of the advantages of making contactless payments using a smartphone is that the operation is completed very quickly – just touch an unlocked phone with the NFC function enabled to the terminal.

    When simply using a bank card without a phone number, each time you make a payment, you need to confirm the transaction by entering a password or PIN code. But since the smartphone itself has a smart authentication system (from the English Authentication – authentication procedure) – the phone itself determines whether the device is in a secure state, and therefore for payments of less than 1000 rubles you do not need to enter an additional password.

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