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The latest development from Huawei, the Kirin 710 processor, is responsible for the performance in the smartphone. This chipset replaced the obsolete Kirin 659.

Kirin 710 is manufactured using a 12nm process technology. It uses four high-performance ARM Cortex-A73 cores with a frequency of 2.2 GHz. Plus four energy-saving ARM Cortex-A53 cores with a frequency of 1.7 GHz. Architecture – big.LITTLE. Wi-Fi 802.11ac, LTE Cat.12, Bluetooth 4.2. RAM type – LPDDR4.

Kirin 710 is equipped with an ARM Mali-G51 MP4 accelerator. And it became the first HiSilicon single-chip platform to support GPU Turbo technology.

Performance in synthetic benchmarks is average. So in the popular AnTuTu test package, the smartphone scores 140 thousand points. I would like to note that there is no throttling at all. The results of other synthetic tests can be found in the screenshots below.

In this video you can see how different games work on Honor 8X. In almost all games, you can set the maximum graphics settings.

This screenshot shows which sensors are installed in the smartphone.

The RAM in the smartphone is 4 GB. At the moment, this volume is enough for all tasks. Speed ​​​​memory indicators in the screenshot below.

There are two versions of the smartphone with a permanent memory of 64 and 128 GB. I had a 128 GB version (115 GB available), this volume is enough for absolutely any task, but if this volume is not enough for you, then you can always expand the memory using a memory card.

By the way, an external memory card can be used as the main memory of the smartphone. The memory card itself needs to be formatted in a smartphone and reboot the latter.

The volume of the speaker for calling was quite high, in the peak values were up to 100 dB. The sound is in mono format, at full volume the speaker is not phoned out. It is impossible to distinguish the sound quality, the usual loud speaker. The conversational speaker is also good volume, the interlocutor heard perfectly. There were no problems with the reception and transmission of speech.

You can assign up to 5 fingerprints to the fingerprint scanner. The scanner itself is very fast.

The scanner itself can act as a multi-function button. For example, using a scanner, you can take photos or flip through pictures in the gallery.

The front camera can act as a user ID. Face unlocking is instantaneous. But the most amazing thing is that in total darkness unlocking works too! And it works just as fast as in good light!

The smartphone supports all modern geolocation methods. We managed to “catch” 23 satellites as much as possible, which is a very good indicator.

There is support for two SIM cards of the “nano” format. There is one radio module, there is a call forwarding mode. The smartphone supports 4G (LTE). 4G output is supported by both SIM-cards.

Under load, the internal components of the smartphone heat up very slightly. So the CPU managed to warm up to 43 degrees, and the battery to 39 degrees.

USB-OTG function is fully implemented in the smartphone. In the presence of USB-OTG cable without problems you can connect various peripherals. The vibration level is quite strong.

Appearance and controls

HONOR brand smartphones offer one of the lowest prices on the market. Moreover, the quality and functionality remains at the highest level. For example, Honor 8X with 128 GB memory costs less than 20 thousand rubles in official retail! The nearest “competitor” costs 3.5 thousand rubles more. And in technical terms, such “competitors” outright lose Honor 8X.

Smartphones of the “X” line begin their history with the Honor 3X. Starting with the 5X, the body of the smartphone began to be made of metal, and a fingerprint scanner appeared. In the 6X model, the manufacturer used a dual camera. 7X received a screen with an aspect ratio of 16:9. Well, the 8X model has absorbed the main trends of 2020, this is the so-called “notch” at the top of the screen, a frameless screen with rounded corners of the matrix and a glass back side. It can be seen that the smartphone in each new model receives new and interesting features.

In addition, HONOR pays a lot of attention to the appearance of its products. For example, I really like the design of the Honor Play’s back side, but the Honor 8X also has its own design twist.

When you first take the smartphone in your hand, you immediately pay attention to the back side of the smartphone. First of all, it is the glass design of the back side. A 15-layer glass with anti-reflective coating is used. The glass in our case is used purely for beauty, there is no wireless charging in the model.

The second point is a gradient coloring with a double texture.

There will be three color options for the case: blue, red, black. Many people say that the colors in the red case are the most beautiful.

A strip with a matte texture runs from the right edge on the back side. The rest of the smartphone is already glossy, and the color is lighter than on the matte part. This solution looks fresh and unusual. Definitely, the back side was a success, and I don’t want to hide such beauty in a case at all.

The body of the smartphone is a unibody design. The metal base with the use of glass. The smartphone is great to hold and feel in your hand. The weight of 175 grams is not felt at all. It is possible to work with one hand, and the thumb covers the entire width of the screen and you can reach above the middle, but the entire area still can not grasp. The thickness of the smartphone is small.

The corners of the case have a smooth rounding. The ends of the smartphone are also slightly rounded. The screen and the back side are covered with 2.5D effect glass, as a result of which all the contours are smooth and do not cut into the hand.

The design of the smartphone is universal, it looks great in a woman’s and a man’s hand. For children, however, the smartphone is a little bit too big.

On the top end there is a hole for the first microphone.

The antennas of the wireless modules are located on the side faces in the upper part of the case. On the right side is a paired volume button and a power button. The location of the buttons is good, the thumb or index finger intuitively lies in the right place.

On the bottom end there is a speaker for calling, a hole for the second microphone, a 3.5 mm jack (mini-jack). Please note: the 3.5 mm jack is located asymmetrically, which creates an imbalance on the bottom end. For charging and connection, an outdated Micro-USB connector is used. It is difficult to say for what reason Type-C is not used, because the cost of such a connector is practically the same as the Micro-USB connector.

On the left side in the upper part there is a tray for installing two Nano SIM cards and a micro-SD memory card. Moreover, there is no need to make any compromise in the choice, you can install two SIM cards and a memory card at the same time! The tray itself is made of plastic, the plastic is quite elastic, so the tray will not bend during installation.

The dual main camera is located on the left side, at the moment it is the most popular place for dual modules. Please note that the cameras protrude above the body of the smartphone. If you use a smartphone without a protective case, then there is a chance of getting scratches on the optics, but the case that comes with the package does not compensate for the protruding cameras.

However, after digging around on the net, I found covers that will protrude slightly above the main camera module.

The fingerprint scanner is located closer to the top edge of the smartphone. The scanner is located very conveniently, the index finger immediately hits the right place.

At the top of the screen you can see the so-called “bangs-monobrow”. Many people don’t like such an element, and most people for some reason have a negative attitude towards such an element. But it is worth understanding that this is an absolute trend in 2020! Personally, I like such an element in the screen and does not cause any discomfort in use.

In the dedicated area is the main camera, earpiece, proximity sensor and status indicator. If for some reason you don’t like the “bang” on the screen, then you can hide it from the screen using a programmatic method.

The part of the screen on the sides of the “bangs” is filled with black color when the corresponding item is activated in the screen settings.

Touch buttons are located on the screen. By default, the back button is located on the left side.

The classic touch control buttons can be replaced with a single function button.

It comes with a transparent silicone case.

The cover is well made.

All cutouts in the case perfectly match the connectors on the smartphone case.

I had a smartphone for almost a month on the review, and all this time it acted as my main smartphone. I can say with confidence that in appearance this is one of the best smartphones on the market. It is a pity that it was not possible to use a smartphone in red. For the entire time of testing, I did not have any questions about the build quality of the case, everything is at a very high level. The only thing is that I had to get used to the Micro-USB connector again, after the Type-C connector in my Samsung S9 Plus.

Battery life

The non-removable battery installed in Honor 8 Pro has a decent capacity of 4000 mAh. However, the smartphone has a powerful hot SoC and a large screen with a very high resolution, which leads to increased power consumption of the system and, consequently, to rather modest results for such a battery.

Testing has traditionally been conducted at normal power levels without power saving features.

 Battery capacityRead ModeVideo mode3D game mode
Honor 8 Pro4000 mAh16 h. 00 m.10 h. 20 m.3 ч. 50 м.
LG G63300 mAh16 h. 50 m.12 noon.6 h. 00 m.
Asus Zenfone 3 Deluxe3,000 mAh14 h. 00 m.11 h. 30 m.5 h. 40 m.
Meizu Pro 6 Plus3400 mAh17 h. 30 m.12 h. 30 m.4 h. 20 m.
Samsung Galaxy S83500 mAh21 h. 30 m.14 h. 30 m.5 h. 15 m.

Continuous reading in the Moon Reader program (with a standard, light theme) at a minimum comfortable brightness level (brightness was set to 100 cd / m²) with auto scrolling lasted until the battery was completely discharged for no more than 16 hours, and with continuous viewing of video in high quality (720p ) with the same brightness level through a home Wi-Fi network, the device does not even reach 10.5 hours. In the 3D gaming mode, the smartphone can only work for about 4 hours, which is by no means an impressive result.

The smartphone supports Huawei SuperCharge fast charging, but we could not test this in practice, since the test sample arrived without a bundled network adapter. From a conventional charger, the device is charged for 2.5 hours with a current of 1.9 A at a voltage of 5 V. The smartphone does not support wireless charging.


By the way, the first smartphone with a dual camera module for background blur was the Honor 6 Plus. Now, of course, no one is surprised by the dual module, but previously it was a feature of purely flagship smartphones.

Recently, smartphones with 3 or even 4 main camera modules have been gaining momentum, and it seems that this is far from the limit. The dual module has long migrated to the budget segment, and now it makes little sense to buy an expensive smartphone if you want to take photos with bokeh effect.

Honor 8X has a dual main camera module. 20 MP main module with f/1.8 aperture, 2 MP secondary module with f/2.4 aperture. The second module is used purely for the bokeh effect: optical zoom and widescreen shooting is not provided. There is phase detection autofocus, which works quite quickly, which is an important factor for me.

You can see the camera settings in the screenshots below. The specialized photo/video mode can be selected separately.

Let’s take a look at the picture quality from the simplest one – daytime shooting in bright sunlight. Actually, everything is quite simple and trivial here, the pictures are of good quality. In general, you can note the correct color reproduction and white balance. If you are picky at all, you can note a slight lack of sharpness on small details, especially it is noticeable on the branches of trees.

Frankly pleased with the digital zoom. There is almost no pixelation in the pictures at maximum zoom.

Great shots in macro mode. The frame has good detail even on small details.

HDR mode adds saturation and contrast to the frame.

Horizontal and vertical panoramas. Excellent gluing of frames on static objects.

Shooting indoors also takes place without obvious flaws.

Variable aperture mode works correctly. But if there are some small details, such as a bun of hair, then the border between the hair and the background can get a fuzzy border.

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The advantages include the following: 1. Premium design. The phone looks amazing, especially in blue. The Chinese did their best and made a truly flagship design.2. Powerful hardware, in the pcmark performance test, the device bypasses samsung s7.3. Excellent fingerprint scanner, works very fast. There is also a mechanical “smart” button.4. Camera. In a smartphone, she made me very happy, there are even two of them, as far as you know, together these two eyes make a very beautiful picture. This phone is suitable even for ardent photo lovers. By the way, honor takes better photos than iphone 6s.5. A bright screen that conveys everything down to the smallest detail.6. One of the best and stable shells.7. Two radio modules, two sim cards, a huge plus, there is no such thing in 99% of devices. Honor has a lot of pluses, Huawei did their best and made a very high-quality product.

About honor brand

Honor is a leading electronic smartphone brand, part of the Huawei Consumer Business Group. The name in translation from English means “honor”. Honor has become one of the fastest growing smartphone brands in Russia.

The first smartphone presented under the independent brand Honor was Honor 6. The device was shown in June 2020 and a few months later it went on sale in Russia.

The Honor brand has become strongly associated with quality and outstanding performance. In terms of parameters, smartphones of this brand have no competitors.

The cheapest “huawei” with a large battery. honor 8c review

The competitor from Meizu is already cheaper, but there is another problem – it is extremely difficult to find the M6 Note on sale today, especially the version with 32 GB of memory. Also Meizu has a smaller screen due to the “usual” aspect ratio of 16:9 (instead of 19:9). But there are no “bangs” on top. And yes, here is also Full-HD, like in Xiaomi, but with not a very large brightness margin. But the rear camera is slightly better than in Honor, and fast charging (from the correct MediaTek standard charger) is more brisk. With autonomy, however, there are no surprises – Honor 8C will last longer on a charge.Its main feature – autonomy – Honor 8C works on all 146%. It lasts longer than most of the smartphones we tested, both budget and top models. But other than that, the smartphone is also pretty decent. Yes, the screen is only HD, but it is clear and bright enough, with believable colors. The camera does not disappoint (well, if you do not take into account video and do not rely on the “artificial intelligence”), and the performance is disappointing only in games. And it is not the performance itself, but the quality of graphics. In general, this smartphone is not for modern 3D-games.Nevertheless, among the smartphones of the low price segment (recall, the official price – 13 thousand rubles), this is probably one of the best models. Yes, you can find a cheaper Xiaomi, but the screen will be smaller and the battery life is not as impressive.

Telephone part and communications

The smartphone supports data transfer at speeds up to 300 Mbps in LTE Cat.6 networks in six FDD bands and 2 TD LTE bands. All the bands most commonly used in our country (3 FDD LTE bands (Band 3, 7, 20), as well as TD LTE Band 38) are supported by the smartphone. In the urban area of ​​the Moscow region, the device behaves confidently, does not lose connection in places of uncertain reception, and quickly restores the connection.

In addition, Bluetooth 4.2 is supported, both Wi-Fi bands (2.4 and 5 GHz) are MIMO 2 × 2, there is NFC with Mifare Classic support, that is, the device works with an application for travel documents. You can organize a wireless access point via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth channels. The USB Type-C connector supports connecting external devices in USB OTG mode.

There are no claims to the navigation module, it is able to work with GPS (with A-GPS), and domestic Glonass, and Chinese Beidou. The first satellites at cold start are detected within tens of seconds. The smartphone is equipped with a magnetic field sensor, on the basis of which the digital compass of navigation programs usually functions.

When dialing a number, Smart Dial is supported with a search by the first letters in contacts, there is a built-in black list. In the phone book, you can find standard Android features for sorting and displaying contacts.

In conversational dynamics, the voice of a familiar interlocutor is well recognizable, there are no extraneous noises, the sound is clear and natural. Regular possibility of recording telephone conversations from the line is not provided. The vibrating alert is noticeable in the hands, but still, due to the large and heavy case, the vibration alert here is far from being as powerful as in the thin and light Huawei P10.

The interface in Huawei smartphones traditionally does not offer to pre-select a specific card for sending SMS, this can only be done for voice calls and data transfer. The cards work in Dual SIM Dual Standby mode, there is only one radio modem. Cards in both slots can be in active 3G standby at the same time.

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