Which phone is better Huawei or Xiaomi

Which is the best smartphone?

Honor or Meizu? There is no one definite opinion. What to choose? The user should be guided by their preferences. If in the first place you need performance, camera and want to get aesthetic pleasure and impress others, choose Honor 10.

If the priority is high quality photos, multimedia options, take Meizu 15. It also has a great screen plus stereo speakers. But keep in mind that this smartphone still has an aspect ratio (screen) of 16:9. Some people refer to this as a disadvantage.

The comparison did not mention the software shells of both phones – EMUI for Honor and Flyme for Meizu. And that’s because opinions about them vary greatly. For some, the presence of a branded shell on the Chinese smartphone is an advantage, and for others it is a cause for annoyance. But to be honest, Huawei is making tremendous progress in introducing an intellectual component to its new devices.

Great Performance

Xiaomi does not make its own hardware, but puts high-quality hardware from other companies in its smartphones. The company’s flagships invariably find themselves in the top 10 in synthetic benchmark ratings. Xiaomi has no cheap and weak gadgets at all, unless you take into account the junior model of the budget “four” Redmi 4A, but its price is less than 100 dollars.

Official representations

If Xiaomi and Meizu in the CIS countries have only distribution companies promoting their products, Huawei has its own official representative offices. That is why customers are guaranteed good service, and local markets are guaranteed to be much better studied. It also allows the company to provide a proper level of technical support to users of smartphones. In case of need, to repair Huawei smartphones is easier and faster, and therefore this company seems more reliable.

Problem with oleophobic coating

It is difficult to say for what reason Huawei does not put oleophobic coating on its phones, which performs water- and grease-repellent functions. One way or another, its benefits have long been clear to everyone, but for some reason the manufacturer stubbornly refuses to install it. If we compare it with Xiaomi, the competitor puts it on every gadget, easily beating the rival on this criterion. Of course, the quality of this coating in Xiaomi leaves much to be desired, but that’s another story.

Variety of models

In terms of variety, Xiaomi vs. Huawei does not stand up to the competition in our comparison. With few exceptions, most Xiaomi phones are nothing more than aluminum rectangles in appearance. Huawei, on the other hand, offers metal, glass, and plastic variants. Among the current flagships, Huawei has a much wider choice, too.

Network Compatibility

Comparing Xiaomi and Meizu and trying to make a choice, we note that in the Russian market Huawei supplies products that are absolutely compatible with our networks. Xiaomi smartphones are inferior in this respect, although not by much. For example, Band 20 LTE is usually missing from the list of available frequencies.

Feature comparison

Let’s try to compare some current Honor and Meizu models to find out their strengths and weaknesses. Let’s take the current year models Meizu 15 and Huawei Honor 10. They have about the same price tag.


The first thing the consumer looks at is the price of the smartphone. And if this criterion is the main one in the question of which phone to choose – Xiaomi or hHuawei, then preference will definitely be given to the former. Xiaomi, in principle, has no competitors in the budget segment. Moreover, we should not expect Huawei to release some flagship for $300, whereas Xiaomi proves that it is possible, not only in theory, but also in practice.

Chipsets by mediatek

Users have long ago decided for themselves what to choose among the hardware platforms: chips from Snapdragon are an order of magnitude better than those from MediaTek. Nevertheless, Xiaomi stubbornly alternates processors from these manufacturers on its smartphones. Just these chipsets sin with overheating, and it is because of them many people have the impression that Xiaomi phones invariably warm up and quickly enter the mode of trotting.


Finishing our review, it would be time to find an answer to the question, what is better: Huawei or Xiaomi? But alas, there is no definite answer. It is important for you to decide for yourself whether you need a good camera or a large battery, whether you want to get comprehensive support from a certified service center or agree to give it up for the sake of a low smartphone price. We hope that our material has helped you to understand the pros and cons of each brand, and now all you need to do is make the right choice.

Gadget Reviews

Customer reviews of Chinese phones are very different. The least negative feedback was collected by Huawei. Meizu and Xiaomi products are also in demand. The most truthful descriptions can be found on the site Mile. ru, specialized forums. Answers to questions of interest are well covered in video reviews on YouTube.

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