Which smartphone is better: Huawei or Xiaomi



  1. Kirin chipsets.
  2. Large selection of models.
  3. Quality camera (excellent photo and video).
  4. Original design. Huawei smartphones look very stylish.


  1. Far from the best oleophobic coating. Manufacturers decided to save money on this aspect. Many phones lack a film that repels moisture and grease. For this reason, the fingerprint scanner may not work properly.
  2. High cost. Huawei phones have a small price compared to the products of the Korean or American brand (Samsung and Apple), but compared to Xiaomi, the cost of Huawei devices is on average 5-10 percent higher. Many buyers prefer to save money and get the same features.
  3. Buttons on the screen. In older models, the function keys occupy a useful area that could be used to enlarge the display. But now these problems have been solved.

Autonomous work time

In terms of autonomy, Xiaomi used to win. Huawei has also not been idle, which allowed it to catch up with its competitors. Huawei’s new smartphones have a higher-capacity battery of up to 4,000 mAh, which allows the phone to last longer. The Mi Mix and Mi Note 2, on the other hand, cannot boast of battery life.

This is not the case with cheaper devices. Here, when comparing what is better – Huawei or Xiaomi – there is no clear-cut answer. For example, the Redmi models have a good battery life and are ranked among the best devices in terms of operating time. In Huawei, the situation is worse in the cheap segment, because the battery capacity is slightly lower and there is no quick charging of the device.

If you compare, there is no normal firmware

Sometimes smartphones come out with international firmware, but there is a range exclusively for China. Then the user is in for a not so pleasant surprise in the form of hieroglyphics. To work with them you need to install unlicensed firmware, which creates a lot of glitches. So choose the smartphone with the installed normal firmware, clarifying this issue with the seller.

Number of models

The next criterion for comparison is the range of products on the market. Both manufacturers are active, but Huawei has more models. In 2020 alone, 17 phones entered the market. Xiaomi’s activity is almost twice as low. In addition, when a flagship is released, several versions are made with reduced functionality and at a more affordable price.

Official Representations

Many countries have official Huawei representative offices, allowing them to provide quality technical support. But things are much worse with Xiaomi. So if we compare devices, it is much easier to repair a Huawei smartphone.

A good image from the camera, in addition, the work on its improvement continues, which allows every other gadget to do better than the last.

As for the disadvantages of Huawei smartphones, the most annoying thing is the confusion with the models. The control buttons are installed on the screen. It looks irrational, even though it is pretty, but if the manufacturers chose this format, it means that it has its advantages or they wanted to make this approach a feature of the devices. But if we believe the reviews on the forums, the users did not like this approach, so we considered it a disadvantage.

Poor product promotion

When a person has a question, Xiaomi or Huawei, what to choose, he pays attention to the popularity of the manufacturer. Whereas Huawei promotes products with a thorough plan, Xiaomi tries to attract attention with chaotic actions.

The manufacturer wants to keep up with current trends, for the sake of sales and popularity. More often than not, such actions cause resentment among users. Models resemble each other, owners get lost in one-size-fits-all devices. Customers develop a negative attitude towards the company.


The author takes apart in detail the question of which phone is better than Xiaomi or Huawei. The information remains relevant to 2020 and to this day. The comparative characteristics are thoroughly examined in the review.

Testimonials from former users help you compare flagships more closely.


Studying the question of what to choose – Xiaomi or Huawei, it is important to consider another component, namely the software shell (software). Here Xiaomi is slightly better, which has MIUI and EMUI. The above-mentioned programs are regularly updated, adding new useful options. Thanks to this, Xiaomi phones can work on the same shell for 2-3 years or more, while it is rare for Huawei.

For many Xiaomi is better than that the company’s phones have an official locking process. It’s enough to fill out an application through the program and wait for an answer. In the case of Huawei, unlocking requires entering a special code, for which you have to pay about $30. As a result, the user faces additional problems and costs. No less important difference between the Xiaomi smartphone and Huawei is the large selection of alternative software, which allows you to experiment with the phone.

In the video you can see a comparison of the two models of smartphones:

Technical “filling”

When comparing Xiaomi and Huawei, it is important to pay attention to no less important component – the quality of “iron” (memory, processor, etc.). Here Xiaomi tries not to lose ground, because it uses Qualcomm chipsets with high performance. Almost all the devices are new chips. As for Huawei, the company produces its own processors, but they are slightly worse in performance.


Not all companies can compete with Xiaomi in terms of value for money and functionality. The product belongs not even to the average price category, but to the budget category. Given that the company is engaged in the production of high-quality flagships, not just standard smartphones, such prices look strange, and frightened customers. But when it turned out that the low prices were a marketing move by a young company, there were quite a few customers.

Chipsets of their own production

Almost all Honor models use chipsets of its own production – Kirin.

It has obvious merits:

  1. The group that develops the new smartphone works closely with the group that develops the new chipset, so that compatibility and, as a result, the performance of the device is improved.
  2. There is no dependence on suppliers.
  3. Any bugs and bugs are quickly fixed due to good optimization and access to the development of the processor.
  4. Updates are released quickly.
  5. It’s not as costly as buying chipsets from a third-party manufacturer, so the price of the firm’s gadgets is lower than it could be.


The main question is which phone is better, and what to choose – Xiaomi or Huawei. Speaking on specific points, Huawei wins over its competitor. But in general Xiaomi tries to keep up, and in some cases are ahead of the more experienced company. Xiaomi wins in price, displays and battery life, while Huawei offers a better camera and proprietary hardware designs. If you don’t need a camera phone and price matters, there’s no point in overpaying for Huawei. It is better to take Xiaomi.

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