Why doesn’t Play Market work on Huawei and Honor: reasons, problems and will it work?


What to do if your Huawei phone does not turn on?

Initially, before making specific decisions, you should double-check and carry out several actions:

  • Check the phone’s functionality again.
  • Connect it to the charger again and hold down the power button.

Are you convinced that your smartphone is faulty? Let’s look at what options you can use and how to fix the problem.

What should I do if Huawei and honor do not connect to the computer via USB?

First, we recommend checking the serviceability of all gadgets and the availability of settings. Start with the wire and the “input” on the computer, otherwise the connection will not work. Try also using the available “inputs” for USB. Now check your PC and gadget. Incorrect settings on two devices affect the sending of files. We do not recommend repairing the breakdown yourself. Intervention will result in a faulty situation. In case of failure, use the help of specialists.

What to do if the play market does not work

So, you will not be able to fully use the store’s services if you have an old version of it on your phone. Updates are released regularly, they are aimed at complete optimization of work and elimination of shortcomings. These shortcomings often lead to system failure. Therefore, to avoid critical situations, enable auto-update or manually regularly check the latest version.

Another reason could well be a virus or a technical glitch in the device itself. If some malicious component prevents the Play Market from fully functioning and performing operations, then an error will be displayed on the screen. If the phone does not have access to mobile Internet or Wi-Fi, then Google Play will only show a download error window.

And lastly, if the date and time on the gadget are not set according to the current time zone, there may be a conflict between the system and the Internet. Therefore, also bring this setting to the correct state. Next, we’ll look at what to do in case of other problems.


The next reason is the presence of virus software. Modern phones that support the latest operating system updates are usually not susceptible to malware attacks. But, older device models that have not received updates for a long time and cannot support new versions of Android have weak protection against viruses. The only way out is to reinstall the system.

Data recovery

Data recovery is one way to start the device. What to do:

  1. Hold down the Power key and Volume Down.
  2. Wait for the logo to appear.
  3. Release the buttons and wait for loading.

You can also start data recovery using the utility for computers ADB Fastboot. But, without the smartphone being turned on, this procedure will not work.

Red indicator flashes

If your Huawei phone does not turn on and the red light is on, then most likely the battery is completely discharged. Users who have recently switched from regular phones to a smartphone are sometimes unaware that the red indicator indicates low or zero charge. If connecting to the power supply does not help, then the battery may be faulty.

Incorrect connection settings in the mobile device

Many Huawei devices have multiple connection modes:

  • The first MTP option for transferring various files;
  • PTP – for downloading multimedia images;
  • CD-ROM (connection as virtual drive);
  • charging, to increase the battery level.

If the charge mode is on, the conductor will not open. Thus, it will not be possible to reset any downloads! In such a situation, activate MTR mode. Now it’s easy to view the contents of Explorer and transfer any document.

No charge

If the phone does not charge, then first of all check that the cable is working properly and inspect it for mechanical damage. Try replacing the charger with another one. Also check the integrity of the contacts and connector in the phone. Perhaps the socket is clogged or the contacts on the charger itself are damaged.

After the update, the phone does not turn on

Honor phone does not turn on after the update, what should I do? If it was installed from the settings and downloaded from an official source, then if an error occurs, you can apply for warranty. You will need to reinstall the operating system.

If the user independently changed the firmware downloaded from third-party resources, and after the update cannot turn on the phone, then the only solution is to reinstall the firmware, and ideally install the official one.

Hardware check

The first recommendation is to check that all equipment is working properly. First, examine the cable and check for kinks. If everything is in order, proceed to inspect the port. It is difficult to determine the severity of the breakdown on your own. Contact a specialist for qualified help. Sometimes situations arise when the phone is charged through the laptop, but the removable disk does not open.

Fifth step – checking integrity and functionality

If none of the methods described above helped to rectify the situation, then you should pay attention to the condition of the cable and the port to which the connection is made.

The cable can be checked with another mobile device. Which is guaranteed to be connected using another USB cable. If nothing happens, the cable will have to be replaced. Fortunately, it is not expensive and is sold almost everywhere. Naturally, it is recommended to choose only high-quality products. Ideally, branded.

You also need to check the connection port. It is likely that it does not function at all. Fortunately, modern PCs have several USB ports available at once. And at least one of them is guaranteed to be working.

The third stage – activation of debugging and special mode

Implemented by the following actions:

  • Through mobile settings and the “System” item, go to “About phone”;
  • Find the inscription “Build number” and click on it five times. This will allow you to activate a special menu intended for developers;
  • Go back two steps – to the System section. And go to the subsection that appeared thanks to the steps described above;
  • In it, you must first activate “USB Debugging”. And then go to the selection of USB settings and change the current mode to the MTP option.

Resolving application conflict

During installation, almost any software requests certain permissions. If you previously downloaded dubious software from unverified sources, it could have turned out to be malicious, but now it blocks the work of the Play Market. Check the permissions that have been granted to existing programs on your phone. If you find ones that interfere with the operation of the app store, delete them immediately.

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