Why I advise everyone to update Huawei to EMUI 10


Microsd is not working, has failed

Sometimes additional memory cannot be restored. The above refers to mechanical damage and manufacturing defects. It is recommended to insert it into another device and make sure that the fault is hidden in the card. The solution to the problem is to purchase new memory.

What are the new features in emui 10

New features also appear in regular updates throughout the year. But only for major updates do manufacturers prepare something truly new. This time there are also plenty of new products.

I will tell you about those that aroused my most interest, although there are also plenty of little things, but many of them do not carry anything revolutionary. Often they are not even capable of evolution.

Honor SIM card slot does not open

To open the SIM card slot on Huawei, a specific key is included in the package. If foreign objects are used, the mechanism may be damaged. Only service center employees can restore a broken part. It is not recommended to be too zealous and try to pull out the slot by force; you risk making the situation worse. It is better to contact a service center for help.


If Honor does not see the memory card, then it is probably simply incompatible with the smartphone. Perhaps you’re using an older Android, or your phone’s built-in capabilities don’t allow for as much storage. In any case, it is recommended to purchase a more modern phone model.

Rollback from emui 10 to emui 9

You can roll back the EMUI update on Huawei and Honor as follows:

  • Launch settings.
  • Open the “About phone” tab.
  • Find the line “Build number”.
  • Press several times in a row. A notification should appear indicating that developer access has been granted.
  • We install HiSuite not only on the phone, but also on the computer.
  • Connect the device to the PC via cable.
  • Launch HiSuite on your computer and go to the updates section.
  • The system will prompt you to specify the desired version, in our case – 9.0.
  • Click the “Install” button.
  • Read the instructions from the system and confirm the operation.

During installation, be careful not to let the USB cable come loose.

Rollback from emui 9 to emui 8

If you want to roll back the firmware from version 9 to 8, then the instructions will not differ from those presented above. That is, first of all, in the smartphone settings you enable developer mode, then install the HiSuite program on both devices and select the eighth version.

Fifth step – checking integrity and functionality

If none of the methods described above helped to rectify the situation, then you should pay attention to the condition of the cable and the port to which the connection is made.

The cable can be checked with another mobile device. Which is guaranteed to be connected using another USB cable. If nothing happens, the cable will have to be replaced. Fortunately, it is not expensive and is sold almost everywhere. Naturally, it is recommended to choose only high-quality products. Ideally, branded.

You also need to check the connection port. It is likely that it does not function at all. Fortunately, modern PCs have several USB ports available at once. And at least one of them is guaranteed to be working.

Software failure

The most common reason why a smartphone does not see a memory card is a software glitch. Use the following solutions:

  1. Reboot your smartphone.
  2. Didn’t help? Reset settings to factory defaults. To do this, in the parameters, find the “Data and reset” section, and then select the appropriate item. Remember, information from the phone will be completely deleted, the system will boot in its pure form.

Changing the data transmission mode

Sometimes a flash drive stops functioning due to an incorrectly selected data transfer mode. Change this indicator and check the operation of the drive.

The third stage – activation of debugging and special mode

Implemented by the following actions:

  • Through mobile settings and the “System” item, go to “About phone”;
  • Find the inscription “Build number” and click on it five times. This will allow you to activate a special menu intended for developers;
  • Go back two steps – to the System section. And go to the subsection that appeared thanks to the steps described above;
  • In it, you must first activate “USB Debugging”. And then go to the selection of USB settings and change the current mode to the MTP option.

Always on display function on Huawei

I must admit, I don’t use the Always on Display feature on my smartphones very often, even if they support it. But I’m still glad when a company works in this direction and does not forget the principle of what it is.

This time the changes affected the adjustment of the text color on the switched off screen to the ambient lighting conditions. It’s a small thing, but nice. Many people will like it.

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