Airpods 2 driver windows 7

Most users experience problems when trying to connect the AirPods to their laptop. The reason for this is Windows limitations, lack of a driver, and others. Consider the problems and solutions.


Functional restrictions

Airpods headphones were developed exclusively for Apple technology, therefore, if you connect the airpods to a laptop (computer), you will not get full functionality. The following functions will not be available, under any circumstances:

Another problem with all connected Bluetooth devices is the conflict between the “Wifi” and “Bluetooth” radio modules due to the coincidence of the frequency of 2.24 GHz for both networks. When you turn on the headphones, the Internet disappears and vice versa. You can fix the problem if the laptop supports a 5 GHz Wifi network. Then buy a router with Wi-Fi for 5 GHz and the problem will disappear.

Let’s move on to the instructions for connecting to a laptop with different operating systems. There should not be any difficulties, since the methods are similar.

With windows 10

To connect airpods to windows 10, you need to find the “Bluetooth” icon on the panel, right-click and select “Add Bluetooth Device” – continue from step 5. When the icon is missing, the actions are as follows:

Now you can put the AirPods in your ears and listen to your favorite music. You can use one earphone and it will work. When closed in the case, the connection disappears. After opening, automatically restored.

With windows 8

Connecting the AirPods to a Windows 8 laptop is easy. When the bluetooth icon in the sidebar is missing, hold down “Win-C” and select the gear icon to go to the system settings. Select the item to change the settings. Next, the sub-item “Bluetooth”. Turn on the adapter by moving the slider.

It will start searching for nearby devices, you need to open the case so that the headphones can be found. Do not forget to hold down the button and wait for the indication inside the case to flash. When pairing is successful, an icon appears. You can listen to music.

Windows 7

Airpods are connected to Windows 7 like a dozen. Locate the “Bluetooth” symbol, right-click and select “Add Device”. Don’t forget to open the case and press the button. Automatic pairing should take place.

Airpods 2 driver windows 7

If there is no icon, the radio module may be turned off, turn it on through the device manager, to do this, press “Win + R” and enter “devmgmt.msc” in the line that opens. Find your Bluetooth radio in the list and select enable.

Airpods 2 driver windows 7

Airpods 2 driver windows 7

Specify the location of the downloaded driver and click update. Reboot. Now go to “Start” select the sub-item “Devices and Printers”, right-click on the airpods and select “Uninstall”. Reconnect gadgets. Now the headphones should work.

If there is no sound, find the speaker icon in the panel. Right click on it. Select “Playback Devices”, set airpods as the default communication device. If sound problems persist, you need to update the sound card driver in the same way as described for the radio module.

Airpods 2 driver windows 7

Connecting airpods to PC

Connecting airpods to a computer is possible only if Bluetooth equipment is installed and configured, computers do not have such a module from the factory. It must be purchased separately, then connected and configured. After the bluetooth module of the PC is ready to work, proceed as follows:

Airpods 2 driver windows 7

Airpods 2 driver windows 7

How to connect Airpods to laptop video

Connect airpods to macbook

In order for airpods to connect to a MacBook without problems, you need to know that the second generation of gadgets corresponds to macOSMojave10.14.4. and newer. AirPods Pro requires macOS Catalina 10.15.1. and new versions. The third generation of headphones corresponds to the macOSMonterey12 system and new versions. Connection methods:

Airpods 2 driver windows 7

Problem solving

It is impossible to get full functionality from Apple headphones except with an iPhone. Even in the top ten, the work of the built-in microphone is not ensured, yet. What can be done:

Solving the problems of sound lag in any bluetooth video headphones

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