Bootanimation toyota 1024×600

Even though installing a logo is not a difficult procedure, it is always best to follow the instructions and follow the installation rules in order to avoid problems with the operation of the device. Also, we will try to answer the most frequently asked questions on this topic.

Why do I need to download a logo for a Chinese radio on Android?

A high-quality logo on a Chinese radio on Android is not only a design element, but also a guarantee of stable operation of the device and ease of use.

By downloading the logo for the radio, you will get:

Do not forget that Chinese android radios have their own characteristics and requirements in terms of content, and the logo is not the last of them. The right choice and loading of the logo for the radio is an opportunity to get maximum convenience when using it in the car.

When turning on the radio, Teyes and Wanqi AllWinner (YUEHOO) first display a static BMP picture, then an animation from many JPG files. As a rule, their names are LOGO. BMP and respectively.

In this article, we will talk about loading animation mods further. First, a little about the structure of the archive with pictures, then installation instructions for popular radios, and at the end a collection of more than 80 different bootanimations for all famous car brands.

Still image requirements are simple: BMP file format and 1024 x 600 resolution.

The archive is already somewhat more complicated. It contains the animation description file desc.txt with the following content:

Accordingly, in the example above, it has an animation resolution of 1024×600 with a frame rate of 10 per second.

Starting from the second line, the remaining lines describe the constituent parts of the animation. They do not have to be two, as in the example above. Any quantity.

TYPE – symbol indicating the type of animation segment:

In the example above, we get that we have two parts of the animation. The first is played once without pauses after the end, the second is played endlessly until the operating system is loaded.

To edit the desc.txt file, it is better not to use the standard Windows notepad. After editing it, the animation may stop working. Better turn to Notepad++.

How to install your own animation on Teyes radios

There are two ways. If there is root access, then it is enough to manually replace the archive along the path / oem / media / with any file manager, not forgetting to set the previous access rights (chmod).

The second way is through the firmware update tool. We will not update it ourselves, we will simply use this path.

It requires copying the LOGO.bmp, and lsec****update files from your firmware to a USB flash drive formatted in FAT32.

Be careful! It is very important to use the correct lsec****update file (where instead of asterisks there is a number with the processor model). Even within the same model, they may differ between firmware! Therefore, use the file from the archive of the currently installed firmware on the radio.

Correspondence between lsec****update file and Teyes head unit models:

You should end up with three files on the USB drive. Make sure there are no extras. Especially so that the updatecfg.txt file is missing – it resets the radio to factory settings along with the destruction of data. We connect the flash drive to the pre-connected radio and in the pop-up window we confirm the installation of the update:

Bootanimation toyota 1024x600

How to install custom animation on Wanqi AllWinner (YUEHOO) radios

Root rights required. If you haven’t received them yet, follow these instructions.

The animation archive is located along the /system/media/ path. There are two of them – and As difficult as it may be to guess, it is used depending on the screen resolution. In my case, 1024 and I replace it with it.

Bootanimation toyota 1024x600

Initial contents of the /system/media folder

With the help of any file manager (I use X‑Plore) we go along the path /system/media/, just in case we make a backup copy of the original. To do this, we either move it somewhere or simply rename it by adding, for example, .bak. In its place, copy the previously downloaded archive with the new animation, rename it to and set the rights (chmod) to 644:

Bootanimation toyota 1024x600

Permissions for the file – 644

We double-check that the archive structure is correct — there should be a desc.txt file and several directories with animation images inside. If everything is correct, then from the curtain we press the reboot and make sure that it works:

After downloading, do not forget to rename the archive according to the model of your radio. For Teyes –, for Wanqi AllWinner (YUEHOO) –

All animations below are animated. The last frame is displayed as a picture, so do not be lazy to check each one. In some of them you can find literally a whole movie with a 3D car model.

After buying a PG from China, it already had a program to replace the boot logo, but after it the radio turns on for another 15 seconds, and at that time they considered it necessary to insert a rather dull animation with a green bucket and not the most beautiful name of their creation Eunavi (you can see it on the video).

Bootanimation toyota 1024x600

Instruction: I want to warn you right away, only you yourself are responsible for all operations and manipulations with your devices (if I’m not in business 8), also getting root rights voids the warranty. So just changing it will not work, for this you need root rights. On android 7.1, how I managed to get them using NewKingrootV4.9.6_C151_B313_en_release_2016_08_26_105203 and SuperSU-Me+Pro-9.7.4P . If it doesn’t work out, let’s go smoke FAQ section

in the part0 folder there will be those animation frames that are responsible for its appearance

in the second folder part1 there are already those frames that will be looped, I just threw the last two frames there so that the animation stops.

It is also important to pay attention to the file names: I have “01_00000” in part0 and “02_000*” in part1, where * is the next number after the last jeep in part0

1 way: manually. The text file desc.txt (which is not recommended to be created and edited with notepad, it is better to use notepad++) stores the same animation settings

1024 600 – the resolution of your screen (you can find out in many ways, from taking a screenshot of the screen and viewing properties to installing special applications), but I just went to aliexpress and looked at the characteristics of the radio, there was indicated a resolution of 1024 * 600

25 is the animation speed

p 1 0 part0 — show folder part0 once p 0 0 part1 — loop folder part1 until download is complete

Pictures I created from this video link suddenly who needs it. There are a lot of video-jpg converters on the Internet, I will not describe them. then we adjust the pictures with the help of light image resizer to our resolution of 1024 * 600, not forgetting to uncheck “keep aspect ratio”, we scatter the pictures into folders, rename them. By the way, here is a program for mass renaming files. Create desc.txt and throw it all into the archive, select the compression method “no compression”

Attention: the recommended maximum archive size is 12Mb. With animations larger than 20MB, people had problems with endless loading

Method 2 (I recommend): use special programs to create the archive, we only need prepared pictures in folders and the Boot animation creator1 program. select the desired directory

2.enter the settings of the initialization file desc.txt, which were described above

3. save the finished archive

you can check how the animation will look like with this program

Now we upload the archive to a USB flash drive, insert it into the radio. I used Total commander, the built-in Ex explorer stubbornly refused to replace the system file even with root rights. we throw our archive into system / media, set the access rights to the file 644 rw-r-r.

And finally we reboot and look at the result.

What can cause problems: it took me the most time to get root rights on android background (or white) when booting – I suffered for a long time trying to use png instead of jpg, all the instructions said that it can be used, and even the animation of the Chinese was in png – as soon as I converted the pictures to jpg – it all worked.

P. S: I am writing instructions for the first time, if I repeat somewhere or write incomprehensibly, do not kick hard 8) Full tank to everyone!

Glad to see you all on the pages of my BZ. In anticipation of the world shopping day on 11.11, the purchase of a new full-time GU, I decided to pass the days, and also to do a useful thing for myself and you, the owners of the GU on android, to fulfill the promise I made in the comments on the BZ page of one of our brothers in cars. Well, what haven’t you guessed yet? This entry will be about my creation of the so-called bootanimation – boot animation during a cold start of your GU, i.e. what we see on the screens while the Android OS is loading. For some, this is the logo of a car brand, for others it is a green android, etc. Agree that it’s nice to see a more presentable in a modern car?

So I decided to whip up a few of these, well, and if you like the topic, then I will certainly replenish this bootanimation collection for cars from our native Hyundai brand. Let’s start. Here I will post a link to my own video review of the created bootanimation. and under the video there will be a link for downloading and then installing the archive in zip format. Since we live in 2018, and most of us already have a GU with a resolution of 1024 x 600 px, then, accordingly, bootanimation was made by me for this resolution. In this regard, I draw your attention to the fact that it is absolutely impossible to install bootanimation if your GU has a different screen resolution. Everything you do is at your own peril and risk. Below there will be detailed instructions for installing bootanimation on GU.1. Hyundai Solaris- Accent 2017

2. Hyundai Solaris I

3. Hyundai Logo I

4. Hyundai Logo II

5. Hyundai Logo III

6. Hyundai Logo IV

7. Hyundai – 3D Logo

Instructions for installing bootanimation with a resolution of 1024×600-Option 1 (optimal): Put the finished archive with Bootanimation in the root of the SD card and select it in the BootAnimation application (does not work on all devices)

In the BootAnimation program, you need to click on the menu (3 vertical dots at the top of the screen), an additional item will appear below that allows you to select bootanimation from a USB flash drive, when prompted for a password, enter Topway Select your animation from the list.

-Option 2 (if Option 1 didn’t work): Put the archive with Bootanimation in the System/etc/bootanimation folder (ROOT required) and select it in the BootAnimation program, reload it. -Option 3 (if other options don’t work): Put the archive with Bootanimation in the /data/local/ folder and set the permissions to 755 (rwx r-x r-x)

3. Copy the file to the SD memory card.

4. If the file has a different name, rename it to

6. Go to the /system/media/ folder on your device.

7. Rename the file, which is located there in bootanimation.bak .

8. Paste the file into the current folder

9. Reboot your phone or tablet and enjoy the new boot animation.

Didn’t work out for you? Try the following solutions to the problem:

Copy the file to /data/local/ folder or /system/customize/resource/ folder

3. Open the Terminal Emulator application and navigate to the /system/media folder by typing the following commands:

After that, in order to make sure that we are in /system/media , we can enter the ls command

Rename the old file:mv bootanimation.bak Now you can copy the new bootanimation file:cp /sdcard/ /system/media Reboot your phone or tablet:reboot Your phone or tablet should reboot. If it doesn’t, restart it manually.

If this method did not work, please read the troubleshooting methods from the previous method and try replacing the /system/media folder with the /data/local or /system/customize/resource folder in the above commands

Bootanimation. zip Bootanimation Boot animation pinned post

Danil, install this animation, install the Boot animation application, click on the “+” in the lower right corner, then “Manage current animation” and select the resolution and frame rate you need.

How to install and use the downloaded logo for the Chinese radio on Android

Step 2: Connect the USB stick to the radio

Connect the USB stick with the installed logo to the radio. Make sure the drive is connected to the USB port on your radio.

Step 3: Open the “Settings” menu on the radio

Go to the “Settings” menu on the radio. In this menu you can find the item “Change Logo”. Please note that the location of this item may differ depending on the model of your radio.

Step 4: Install a new radio logo

Select “Change Logo” and select a file from your USB drive. If everything is done correctly, then your new logo is displayed on the radio.

Step 5: Check the new logo on the radio

After installing the new logo, check that it is displayed correctly on the radio. Reboot the radio to make sure the logo loads correctly every time it starts up.

How to download a logo for a Chinese radio on Android

After you have downloaded the logo, connect your Chinese radio to your computer with a USB cable and copy the logo file to the internal memory of the device.

Then go to the radio settings, select “About radio” and then “Full update”. You will need to select the logo file and confirm to start the update process.

After completing this process, the device will reboot and your own logo will appear on the screen.

The process of changing the logo on the Chinese radio on Android is quite simple and affordable even for novice users. The main thing is to choose the right file with the logo and follow all the steps in sequence.

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