ГУ Teyes X1

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Video How to put a logo on the splash screen in TEYES manitol? Nuances after updating the channel Antistrelka.com

All links to the firmware from the header are broken. Can someone post the latest stable please?

barroza, for WiFI version or 4G?

How did you add the RAM, did you change the screen or not, and if you don’t mind giving a link to the firmware.

9.5inch_L8-MIPI-FT8201AB_095_1200x2000+20220223.rar ( 2.19 MB )config_teyes_x1_2k.rar ( 763 bytes )LOGO.bmp ( 6.87 MB )bootanimation.zip ( 16.23 MB )

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xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, I understood correctly, the stock screen supports 2k resolution, only the resolution in the firmware changes?

replacing the screen is worth it, especially in the sun, the picture practically does not change

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themselves the correct option is not to touch the firmware just install the launcher for 2k

barroza, last x1_20220815_LiJun.zip from engineers shared xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxhttps://disk.yandex.ru/d/WRH3_VeLpfRfrg

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xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, tell me, what was the default memory dd3 or ddr4? Which is 2 gig

Good evening. Please tell me, I have x1 4g how can I make the main screen like this

ГУ Teyes X1

Ato my boring one is so tired like that

ГУ Teyes X1

simon.84, firmware from СС3L

I downloaded the firmware from cc3l the other day, I’ve been using it for three days already, I have no complaints. In terms of the speed of work, like my own, I’m with my own, that in this one I immediately removed unnecessary programs. There are no jambs, the navigator works, YouTube shows. Who cares, the external temperature also shows without the Internet. The only bonus is a more pleasant, in my opinion, interface, and so, in principle, there are no special differences from our firmware. Extraneous noise, crackles and other bugs were not noticed. I don’t play games on the GU, I don’t mine the crypt, everything that is supposed to work as it should. So who is tired of the native interface – put it)

There was such a question, is there a technical possibility to connect 360° cameras on our GU? In the settings there is a menu item: enable 360° cameras.

No, there is no such possibility

Tell me, does replacing 2 GB RAM with 4 GB require the installation of “own” software after that? Can I work on a previously installed firmware (X1 4 G)? I wanted to add RAM.

Are the pinouts of ROM 2 and 4 exactly the same?

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Does it work the same way as in X1, the prehistoric version of Yanavigator or can I install a fresh one?

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what is the best interface from cc3l? And where can I read the instructions?

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There, starting from a crookedly working navigator, he stupidly constantly muffles the music, the crackle is barely audible in the speakers when rebooting. Well, just the little things. The conclusion is that the firmware is good, but it needs to be assembled specifically for our device.

She jams her own in the same way. The only difference is that 2gis jams tightly, and I. The navigator either jams or doesn’t jam, but in the end it’s all the same 😆

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replacement of RAM from 2 GB to 4 GB does not require installation of “own” software after that?

moreover, RAM and firmware are not emmc, all you need is accuracy and confidence in bga solders, the risk of damaging the motherboard is very high.

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Are the pinouts of ROM 2 and 4 exactly the same?

there is no connector 360, if you wish, you can find a contact well, there will be a collective farm

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