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To protect your database from hackers, you need to think like a hacker. If you were a hacker, what information would you be looking for? How would you get it? There are many different types of databases and many ways to hack them. Often, hackers try to crack the root password or use an exploit. If you’re familiar with SQL statements and basic database concepts, try hacking one of them.

Hack Wi-Fi

Short Description: It’s very easy to find Wi-Fi password with a few commands in cmd. This command works even when you are offline or connected to another Internet network.

This profile is stored on our computer along with other required details for a Wi-Fi profile.

Instead of using the GUI to find individual passwords, we can also look up the Wi-Fi password using CMD.

How to find out Wi-Fi password using cmd?

Open a command prompt and run it as an administrator.

Hack Wi-Fi

The next step: we need to know about all the profiles that are stored in our computer. Thus, enter the following command in the cmd window:
netsh wlan show profile

This command will list all Wi-Fi profiles.

Hack Wi-Fi

In the picture above, we intentionally blurred some of the names of our Wi-Fi networks. As you can see, we have eight wireless networks that we can connect to. So let’s find out the password for NETGEAR50.

Enter the following command to see the password of any Wi-Fi
netsh wlan show profile wifi-name key=clear wifi password using cmd

Hack Wi-Fi

Under the security settings, you will see the password of the wireless network.

Besides knowing the password, you can also use this result to further optimize your Wi-Fi.

Here’s how to enable ”Mac Randomization” on Windows 10:

Go to settings and click on the ‘Network & Internet’ button
Select ‘Internet’ in the left pane and click on the advanced option.

Hack Wi-Fi

Enable random hardware address function under these parameters. If your wireless equipment does not support this “random hardware address” feature, then the section will not appear in the Settings app.

You did it!
In addition, in the connection settings, such as radio, you can see the entire list. Channel interference can be another reason for slow Wi-Fi.

Regarding ”radio type”, you can also change the router for a better connection or connection.

In today’s article, let’s touch on a sensitive topic: how to hack a Wi-Fi network. Some will ask, is it legal? Of course not, this is considered a serious offense, so if anyone decides to do this, he does it at his own peril and risk. Of course, this can happen to everyone when the money in the account runs out and the Internet is turned off for you. And at this very moment, force majeure circumstances appeared when Internet access was urgently needed. Well, what is left to do? That’s right, use the neighbor’s Wi-Fi Internet. Option one, ask him for a password from the Wi-Fi network, option two, hack his WiFi network. And how to do this, we will tell below in the article.

Network without encryption

Of course, there are not greedy people who do not put a password on the WiFi network. Or the user forgot to put it when setting up the router. In such cases, it will not be difficult to connect to this network. Simply scan the radio on your device, find a network that is not protected, click on it and connect. In such cases, the question of how to hack a WiFi network disappears by itself.

We select the Wi-Fi network password manually

We are looking for WiFi with the highest signal level. Preference is given to a neighborhood network or one that you know the owner of. In the future, you will understand why this is so. Very often, inexperienced users set a password without thinking about the complexity of the typed password. And all their fantasy ends with the date of birth, the name of the pet, the last name. Knowing the neighbor (owner) of Wi-Fi, it will not be difficult for you to pick up the key. If it didn’t work out with the selection of the neighbor’s personal information, we move on to the next option, which is very popular among users. These are the most common passwords, we will list them in the table below.

Hacking by changing the MAC address

Some craftsmen prefer to filter by MAC address (MAC address is a unique identifier that each device has) instead of a password. When scanning, you will see a network that you can supposedly connect to without problems, but when you try, you will not succeed. So, there is a filtering that you need to bypass.

You need to find out which MAC addresses are allowed to connect. Here, programs that can scan, for example, MAC Address Scanner, will come to your aid.

Having learned the MAC addresses, you can start replacing your MAC address on your computer.

Go to “”, “” find “Network and Sharing Center” on the left side from the top, look for the line “Change network adapter settings”.

Select an active network connection, right-click on it and click on the “” line. In the window that popped up, find the tab “” and click on the button “”. Activate the network address and enter a new MAC.

To change the MAC Address on Windows 10, there is a very convenient Technitium MAC Address Changer utility with which you can quickly do this. Next, it is recommended to restart the PC. Done, so we found out how you can hack Wi Fi by changing the MAC address.


Hack WiFi password using programs

There are many hacking programs in this segment, but we will talk about the most popular ones.

Aircrack-ng cracker

The Aircrack-ng utility has good feedback from users. This is a large set of tools that includes: airodump, aireplay, aircrack, airdecap.

Brute force method

The essence of brute force is the complete automated selection of all possible password options. This method is suitable for advanced users, it will be extremely difficult for a regular user. Such hacking methods are often used to hack payment systems, online banks, accounts.

If you decide to try Brute force, keep in mind that the characteristics of the PC play a big role, if the computer is weak, the program can do the analysis for several days.

At the moment, there are several options for “brute force”:

Apps that go well with Brute force are: , , Appnimi Password Unlocker.


Hacks for Windows – AirSlax, Wi-FI Sidejacking, CommView for WiFi, Dumpper

To find out the password using the Pin code of a device that has WPA, WPA2 encryption, you will need:

We recommend working in Linux OS, as all procedures are much easier to perform. If this is not possible, everything will work out in Windows.

There’s an easier way to learn Pin, just take a walk to visit your neighbor. When he leaves, take the router and turn it over, there you will see.


Utility with a million wi-fi passwords


– There are already about 20 million hotspots in this application around the world.

– A similar utility to Wi-fi map, the principle is the same. Install the application, and your gadget will automatically connect to the nearest wireless network that is in the database of the program.

Cracking the password from your smartphone

– the main goal of this program is to determine how vulnerable the router, which uses the default Pin code, is vulnerable to Wi-Fi hacking. To use this utility, your device must be rooted.


– great for Android phones. The program can simultaneously perform several actions to guess a password for two networks at once.


This application has a small minus, after generating each key, it needs to reconnect to the network.

– this application is suitable for both Windows and Android. To crack a Wi-Fi password, it uses two options that the user can choose from: brute force (simple search) or a much more effective packet sniffing option. It is better to install the full version.

Jailbreaker for iPhone

There is a utility for iPhone called , it works by intercepting. There will be no difficulties in working with it, simple and automated.


WiFi fishing (phishing)

This method of cheating to get a password is not often used. The bottom line is visiting a phishing page (double page), the user, having entered this page, enters his password and login. It’s so easy and simple for a hacker to find out your data. To obtain secret data about a Wi-Fi network, hackers often resort to the help of a utility.

Using WiFiPhisher is simple, you need to:


Necessary measures to secure your WiFi network

There are two articles of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation that can be applied to illegal access to the network. These are articles 272 and 273. If you are interested, you can read them on the Internet. The incident in article 272 is that it is very difficult to prove that it was you who hacked access. But if you used a malicious program (virus) during hacking, then Article 273 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation can also be applied.




We told how you can hack a Wi-Fi password, then the decision is yours, it will be on your conscience to hack or not to hack this question. If you have enough funds, then, of course, you just need to remember to replenish your Internet in time. And then the question of how you can hack someone else’s wi-fi will disappear by itself. And of course, you should not write off the excitement factor when you sometimes want to prove yourself at least in something.

Hack Wi-Fi

WiFi Hacking from Mobile Phone Explained

Hack Wi-Fi

Explanation of hacking WiFi from a computer

How many times have we not wanted to learn how to hack WiFi? Knowing your neighbors’ Wi-Fi network is always an advantage if you’re having trouble with your Internet, although your neighbors won’t like the idea as much as you do.

Wi-Fi networks have become one of the main services for a large part of the population, since this network allows us to connect almost all aspects of our lives, there are even many new technologies that are controlled through this network, from the most important ones like connecting our smartphone, even the most amazing thing is how household appliances.

Hack Wi-Fi

Then I will show you some of the most effective methods to hack a Wi-Fi network so that you can do it or protect yourself from possible attacks.

WiFi password cracking software

Here are some of the most used network hacking apps:

Kali Linux

Kali Linux is an operating system that includes many tools for checking the security of Wi-Fi networks. This means that it can be used both in a good way to test the security level of your connection, and in a bad way to try to break other people’s networks.

It can be installed on your computer like any other Linux program, allowing you to run it from a USB stick or even from a virtual machine thanks to software like VirtualBox.

Once you have launched Kali Linux to crack Wi-Fi passwords, you need to run a series of commands that will lead you to identify the wireless network to crack.

At the end of the procedure, if the attack is successful, the program will provide you with some files on the desktop, which, properly parsed through the terminal, can show the password to access the network, to connect to it in the traditional way. without further ado like problems.


The easiest way to hack a Wi-Fi network is to use an analytics app like NetSpot to discover WEP protected networks. Unlike networks using WPA or WPA2, WEP-secured networks are very easy to hack using only a laptop computer and appropriate software.

Hack Wi-Fi

NetSpot has a Wi-Fi analysis mode called Discovery that you can use to gather data about surrounding Wi-Fi networks as it will show you the names of networks near you, their rating level, the channels they are broadcasting on, and even your safety.

Hack Wifi without software from PC

In some cases, you don’t have to be a hacker to find out the password to a Wi-Fi network, because all you need to do is have the computer of the user you want to attack.

As you probably know, Windows and Mac systems record the keys of the Wi-Fi networks that we connect to, and this allows anyone, whether friends, relatives or potential intruders, to find out the passwords of Wi-Fi networks. How? We will point it out to you below.

Hack Wi-Fi from Smartphone

As we have just seen, hacking Wi-Fi passwords does not require special tools. In fact, sometimes it is not even necessary to use a PC as you can do everything from your smartphone using apps like the ones we list below.

Wifi WPS WPA tester

This is a free application for Android mobile devices that allows you to detect Wi-Fi connection passwords using WPS system vulnerabilities.

Hack Wi-Fi

This means that it only works if WPS is enabled on the attacked router. It is important to note that this also requires root and installation of the BusyBox app.

Fastweb Alice WiFi Recovery

This is another free Android app that allows you to discover Wi-Fi network passwords without directly attacking routers or exploiting WPS system vulnerabilities, but includes default passwords for some Fastweb, TIM and Infostrada routers.

This means that it only works with fairly old router models and only if the devices in question use default passwords for the Wi-Fi network.

WiFi Key Recovery

This program shows the Wi-Fi connection passwords stored on your smartphone. Therefore, it only works on devices with root access.


This is a free application for IOS devices that allows you to discover the default passwords for Alice (TIM) and Fastweb routers.

It is important to note that for this reason, it only works with routers where the factory Wi-Fi password has not been changed.

How to protect yourself from people who want to crack your Wi-Fi passwords.

Now that you have a clearer understanding of Wi-Fi hacking tools, you can take action and secure all your networks.

Here are some tips:

This is a very handy technology, but it has been subject to numerous vulnerabilities in the past. If you don’t consider it strictly necessary, it’s best to disable it.

By knowing how a Wi-Fi network is hacked, you will be able to apply appropriate security measures to calibrate the security of your networks and stay safe online.

With simple and free Wi-Fi analysis apps like the ones we list in this article. You will be able to detect cybersecurity weaknesses in your networks to keep all your information and connections secure.

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