Huawei E8372H-153 lost WEBUI after unlock

Huawei B310 unlocking is totally different than standard devices, as you have to solder the cables, then you will be able to process further. In similar ways, Huawei B310s-22 (Optimus Portugal) unlocking is possible. If your device does not ask for unlock code or want to use universal firmware, you have also soldered the cables to flash the firmware of Huawei B310. You can download B310s-518 firmware 21.300.01.00.00, B310s-927 update, and others from various links.

Recently, various people reported that the Huawei B310 LTE router does not allow to change the mode of networks like 2G, 3G, 4G, etc. In this post, we will see how to enable multimode. The multimode can only be allowed once you change the WebUI with the universal.

Huawei E8372H-153 lost WEBUI after unlock

How to change the WebUI of Huawei B310 Router?

2. Install Huawei Mobile Partner in PC.

3. Reset and connect B310 with a USB cable to the PC.

4. Once started, detect the device under the DC-unlocker.

6. Press Enter from the keyboard.

Note: It will put the modem/router in factory mode.

Note: It will reset the device.

Note: You can also issue the command AT^GODLOAD to put the device in download mode.

8. Now run the WebUI update.

Note: All the WebUI of the E5573, E5577, E3372, etc., are supported.

9. Wait till finish.

Now, you have successfully changed the WebUI.

29 ноя 2014, 12:16

В этой теме выкладываем и обсуждаем WebUI (Dashboard) для модемов и роутеров с системой HiLink.

Huawei E171, Huawei E303, Huawei E3131Update_HILINK_12. – не операторскаяUpdate_HILINK_12. – от азербайджанского оператора Bakcell

Update_HILINK_12. – от казахского оператора TELE2

Update_HILINK_12. – от белорусского оператора Life BeST

Update_HILINK_11. – не операторская

Huawei E3236, Huawei E3256, Huawei E3331Update_HILINK_12. – не операторская

Update_HILINK_17. – не операторская

Huawei E5336, Huawei E8278Update_HILINK_15. – не операторская

Update_HILINK_13. – не операторскаяUpdate_HILINK_13. – от российского оператора МТС

Update_HILINK_13. – не операторская

24 апр 2015, 16:59

Need E5377 or EC5377 webui thanks in advanve

29 сен 2016, 15:26

Здравствуйте,модем е171 ,прошил в hilink. .WebUI азербайджан.WebUI включается инет работает.Cd-rom не виден ,поэтомуExlusive не установился(видно модем был в режиме только модем).Как мне это исправить,чтобы а)чтобы cd-rom был виден,б)можно ли использовать Update_WEBUI_17.чтобы менять IPмодема) в этом WEBui этого я не нашел.AT команду я не могу дать ,терминал не находит модем.

29 сен 2016, 15:45

erton65 писал(а):а)чтобы cd-rom был виден,

В режиме HiLink не будет CD-rom-а.CD-rom отображается только в обычном режиме модема (stick).

erton65 писал(а):б)можно ли использовать Update_WEBUI_17.чтобы менять IPмодема)

Для каждого модема своя прошивка WEBUI, если поддержка вашего модема заявлена, значит подойдёт.

29 сен 2016, 15:56

Hi there!
I have a wingle E8372h-153 that lost WEBUI after unlock.
here are all the informations of it:
Found Applications port COM5

Found modem        : E8372
Model              : Huawei E8372h
IMEI                : 000000000000000
Serial NR.          : 0123456789ABCDEF
Firmware            : .21.321.01.00.306
Compile date / time : Mar  1 2017 14:03:47
Hardware ver.      : CL1E8372HM
Dashboard version  :
SIM Lock status    : unlocked
Wrong codes entered : 0 (unlock attempts left : 10)

As you see, it’s version 
so I’ve tried to reflash with but it doesn’t work. I’ve tried to downgrade the firmware and flash with an other one that will have a WEBUI but all versions under 
do you guys have a solution?
can you help me please?

(25-06-2020, 06:12 PM)nadjtech Wrote:  Hi there!
I have a wingle E8372h-153 that lost WEBUI after unlock.
here are all the informations of it:
Found Applications port COM5

Sent from my SM-G930F using Hovatek Mobile

you could try copying the error and translate using google translate
did you try flashing the 21.328 firmware?

Hi, it’s okey.
I just a universal WEBUI, and it worked 😉!

(30-06-2020, 06:43 AM)nadjtech Wrote:  Hi, it’s okey.
I just a universal WEBUI, and it worked ?!

Huawei E8372H-153 lost WEBUI after unlock

Hence all of these firmware are tested by myself but, I will not be resposible for any damage you made with your device. This is bit professional job if you are not capable of this professional level please dont try it.

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Well lets start from the begining, I will make portion for every version

Tools You need to accomplish the task



MODEM DRIVER FOR GODLOAD COMMAND FIX (only use if you face godload command)


Understanding dc unlocker command

manufacturer – Huawei modems

model – Huawei E8372h

Selected Applications port COM294

1. Found modem         : E8372

2. Model               : Huawei E8372h

3. IMEI                : 8662800000003

4. Serial NR.          : R7EDU17124004316

5. Firmware            : 21.318.01.01.306

6. Compile date / time : Sep 20 2016 21:52:32

7. Hardware ver.       : CL1E8372HM

8. Dashboard version   : WEBUI_17.

9. Web UI version      : WEBUI_17.

10. SIM Lock status     : Locked (Card Lock)

Detail Explaination of DC Unlock Information

  • Modem That you want to unlock use the specefic file to unlock your modem. Each modem have different firmware so first of all you have to make it sure you are using the exact firmware for your model. Dont use other model file on your modem.
  • Model are some time different like E8372h-153, E8372h-609 so it is also necessary to keep in mind what firmware and what model of your device is.
  • Imei (International mobile equipment identity) that is unique number of your model. Some time companies like jazz , zong , telenor control their devices on that unique number to put some restriction not to use other network. So some time we have to manapulate it to bypass that restriction.
  • Serial is not very important. This is unique number of your device to identyfy. Anyway you can ignore it it is different of every device.
  • Your firmware version is very important to choose the unlock firmware. Every unlock firmware is created for the specefic firmware version. So please pay full attention on that dont flash any file without any instruction. Some time you can flash upgraded file on lower version. But dont flash any lower version on any upper firmware. Example is here if you firmware is 21.329.63.00.1456 do not flash with 21.318.01.01.306. That will leads your modem to brick. In that scenario you have to repair boot by having some professional skills. So dont ever try it.
  • Software compile date it does not matter when this software is complie. But it can help you to understand and choose your file.
  • CL1E8372HM  , That is very important you must match that hardware version with your file and make sure you are using same hardware file because if you use other hardware file on your modem that will brick your device permanently without recovery.
  • Dashboard is also very important as software it is also cant be downgrade. But you can use any file that can upgrade your dashboard.
  • This is Sim lock status which shows that your modem is locked or unlocked. If your device is brand (Jazz, telenor, zong etc) locked, you need its unlock file.

Here is different version and their unlock files. So please stay specefic portion for your modem firmware version. Dont mess up with each other till then advised.

Dashboard version   : WEBUI_17.

Web UI version      : WEBUI_17.

Password :

After successful flash use imei command to repair it with your own

Use Imei generator provided above with your own imei number.

AT^NVWREX=0,0,16, 03 05 04 01 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00

You can use this file for both of these version.

Use at^godload command and after reconnect your file can execute this file.

Download File  (Real Credit goes to uploader Tanveer)

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Dashboard version   : WEBUI_17.

Web UI version      : WEBUI_17.

Dashboard version: webui_17.

Dashboard version: webui_17.

Dashboard Version: webui_20.

This file will unlock all of these version

Each file have specefic password

1. Download File

1. Password : 11223344

2. Download file

2. After success flah use this command in dc unlocker to unlock


Now Here are some collection of Official Firmware / Stock firmware if you messup with wrong file or having any like dead boot You can also use belong flasher to flash these files. Or just use at^godload command to bring your device in stock  / company firmware.

This post is about setting up a LTE/4G/3G (cellular) modem to work with OpenWrt. But not just work, to also be able to use USSD codes and read SMS in order to check account balance and refill the data quota (data plan).

At first I was attracted to the hilink firmware because it offers a nice web interface through which the modem can be controlled, and tasks such as dialing USSD codes to buy new data plans can be accomplished. Furthermore, if you use a modified WebUI it unlocks some hidden features of the modem, such as the ability to change IMEI and fix TTL. The stick firmware can also do all this, but I did not know this yet.

Checking the current firmware.

Initially, you should have the modem be recognized by the system and a new interface should appear The modem itself will be at You can check the current firmware version on a hilink firmware with this script

The firmware, which can itself be stick or hilink, must match the above model number.

Frequently, if you buy it online, the modem will come already unlocked (this was my case), and all you have to do is flash it with a firmware of your choice. The biggest resource for firmwares is here, albeit it does not have any -607 firmwares. The latter can be found here.

There is also the WebUI, which is the web server that runs on the modem and, if modified, allows for some cool features. The WebUI is common between -153 and -607 modem versions.

With an unlocked modem all you need to do is put the modem into debug mode:

Modem will reboot and now be accessible over /dev/ttyUSB0..6. The 0 device will now accept AT commands, which we will use to put it into flashing mode. The ethernet interface may or may not still be there, and it may or may not have ip.

How to send AT commands.

Modem will again reset, no interface will be visible in ifconfig and it will not respond to AT commands, only /dev/ttyUSB0 will be visible.

Now use balong-flash from here to flash the firmware.

De-Bricking / The Needle Method

In my quest, I had mistakenly flashed a -153 firmware to a -607 device, which ended up soft-bricking it. The modem would boot, but had no /dev/ttyUSB devices to show and its ethernet interface did not come up (nothing at So, this is a good time to talk about recovery and de-bricking.

Great Thanks go out to forth32 for both the balongflash utility and the balong-usbdload utility which we are about to use. Your tools have saved many modems (and their owners) from despair!

Here is the needle method. Watch this video.

This gave me a working E3372h-607 in hilink mode, with a modified firmware and a modified WebUI.

There is one more thing that needs to be done in order to activate the hidden functions. If you click on some items in the menu it will offer to run “WebUI Init”, which is nothing but a shell script, which I included below: itself makes a bunch of symbolic links in /usr or /bin (I don’t remember now) to binaries and scripts in /app/webroot/. These binaries and scripts are what allows the special functions.

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Now if you go back to the web interface it will have a big sign that says that some corruption has been detected and you need to do a factory reset. Do not worry, it will not undo what the webui_init script had achieved. After rebooting, the device is ready to go.

Why I did not like the Hilink mode.

The modem is quite open! adb, telnet and the web interface are listening on, further, there is second web server that appears after the webui_init activation on port 5080. That is busybox serving up a cgi-bin folder with shell scripts, again, on And then, there’s some funny busyness going on with dns listening on, which is an ip that is not bound to the modem. Take a look for yourself:

There is a firewall, but that still leaves the LAN. It would take some time to track where all of this is coming from and clean/password it up in such a way that I, myself, would still be able to use it. However, there is an easier way.

Changing to Stick Firmware

In stick mode, the modem would not have its own ip, it would relay the cellular data to/from the ip on the router. Thus, it would be the router facing the world, not the modem. This arrangement is much preferred as there is no double NAT, and it is a whole lot easier to control what goes on my OpenWrt router than a 3rd party android device.

To change over to the stick firmware (on hilink hardware) we merely need to re-flash it. I grabbed a copy of the non-hilink 607 firmware from the Austrian forum and flashed it. Same as before: debug mode, at^godload, balongflash firmware.bin.

There is no UI for stick firmware under linux. This presents a problem, how will I be able to run USSD codes to buy new data, or read/send SMS? Fortunately there is nifty tool that does just that, but let’s configure the modem first.

We will configure in NCM mode, which is supposed to give the best throughput (up to 30-50 mbps). Good info here. The configuration will depend on the port settings of the modem, lets review those first.

Best ports explanation here. Additional info here and here.

Here is a working network config for this port setting:

If you connect to /dev/ttyUSB0 and you will be able to see periodic updates about the network that you are on and the signal strength (RSSI). For me, despite having chosen 3G, the network reports as LTE.


In order to use USSD codes and SMS messages, we will need sms-tool and luci-app-sms-tools. Big Thanks go out to cezary and IceG. Install instructions here.

Once running, you can send SMS messages with send and recv commands, as well as navigate USSD menus with ussd command. Here is an example of how to navigate a USSD menu:

The remote actually maintains a state of where you are in the menu, so you just send more USSD commands to navigate it.

If you installed the Luci app, you will be able to do the same thing through the web interface. Nice, huh?

So that’s pretty much it, we’ve installed the modem and are able to top up our quota. Have fun surfing. Hopefully your provider doesn’t cap the speed as tightly as mine, heh.

PS. Some links about the available AT commands for these modems:

Useful At Commands for Huawei Modem

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