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The list of contacts on mobile devices can be stored, at the user’s choice: on a SIM card or in the device’s memory. By default, on smartphones, it is usually worth saving new records to the gadget’s memory.

But if necessary, you can quickly copy contacts from your phone to a SIM card using the built-in functionality of the Android OS or third-party applications. The reverse operation is also easily accessible – transferring the phone book from a SIM card to a smartphone.


When you may need to transfer data to a SIM card

Smartphone owners usually use Google cloud services for data backup. From the cloud, you can copy information to any gadget connected to the Internet. But there are a number of situations in which it is more reasonable to transfer contacts from the phone to the SIM card:

In the event of a device breakdown, before returning it to a service center.

And of course, saving contacts from the phone to the SIM card will help in a situation where the gadget does not have access to the Internet, that is, it is not possible to transfer the list of subscribers to the cloud for storage.

Features of transferring information to a SIM card

Before transferring contacts from your phone to a SIM card, you need to take into account the main nuances of this process.

Before transferring all the saved numbers from the phone to the SIM card, it is worth putting things in order in the list of subscribers: delete outdated numbers, clean the phone book from duplicates, shorten too long usernames. If this is not done, the directory may not be completely copied, or it will be a rather difficult process to use it after the transfer.

Instructions for transferring data from Android to SIM card

Consider how to transfer contacts from your phone to a SIM card (on Android version 9 and higher). On gadgets with earlier OS versions, the process may differ slightly in the names of menu items, but the general logic of actions will be the same as described.

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To check that the transfer went well, you can open the phonebook again. Near all the entries marked earlier, there should be a SIM card icon – this will mean that they were copied successfully.

Copying contacts from a SIM card to a new gadget is as easy as transferring a phone book from a smartphone’s memory to a SIM. Here are the instructions for users of Android 9 (and higher):

You can make sure that the copying was successful by opening the contact list and checking the place where they were saved in the properties of the entries.

Auxiliary programs

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Power button 10C helped. HUAWEI Y7

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10 seconds on power button

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! 10 seconds was enough for my HUAWEI VNS-L21!

The power button doesn’t work for me. What to do? I have Huawei y5 2021. Please help!!!!

16 08 2020 22 22 HUAWEI Y3 helped the first way thanks

I have more than one answer option did not help me HUAWEI P 30 PRO

Thank you. The first method helped on honor 8A (it didn’t react to anything at all, it was just a black screen)

Honor 7c. Helped by pressing the “power” button for 10 seconds

Thank you very much! Long holding the power button helped. Rebooted and all is well. I have been sitting without a phone for half a day – I did not react to anything. Huawei Y6. The battery is not removable.

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Pressing for 15 seconds helped. Thank you!

Got acquainted. Pressing for 15 seconds helped. H UAWEY Y5 was a complete stopper – let go. Thank you!

Nothing helped. Honor 6x turns off and then turns on. Even when pressing all the keys.

I pressed the shutdown button and held it for 15 seconds, turn off. Thanks for the tip.

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Honor 7a power button. Thank you.

Thank you very much, the 2nd method helped. Already upset, but everything ingenious is simple.

Thank you. Method 1 helped. At the 10th second, the phone came to life.

Everything ingenious is simple!))) Huawei Y5 “drooped”!!! It was worth holding down the power button longer than usual))) Thank you guys!)

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I tried the power method, Displays the reboot menu, confirms, loads, but still returns to the original

Hello! Thanks a lot! I’m so lucky to have found your site! the shutdown button helped and, on – did not help! This is the first time this has happened to a phone. What an attack on Honor!?

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The first method helped, HUAWEI Mate 20 lite. Thank you

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The first method helped Huawei Honor 7 helped a lot

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The buttons did not help, taking out the acc yes. on android samsung power hold always works

I found this site after two such freezes, after half a year of using it appeared, the model Y6 huawei, with each installation of updates, the phone works worse, after freezing, I pulled out the SIM card many times, it didn’t help, I held the power button for 10-20 seconds, no it helped, this time I just pressed the psycho and waited for a very long time, then it turned on, after that I found your site, I don’t know what will happen next, to put it mildly, I was disappointed in the phone.

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I could not turn on the phone, after reading the advice I managed to turn it on while holding both buttons! Thank you!

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A short connection to the computer helped.

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highway t1-701u did not respond to the touchscreen, rebooted by long pressing on. Seconds 20-30, everything worked

press and hold the off button for 15 seconds worked perfectly!!! Thanks for the advice!

Thank you. The second option helped. Phone stuck on the game

The above methods did not help, it hung so that it did not react to any buttons. I did the following: I pulled out the SIM cards and the USB flash drive (side slot), while the phone woke up and offered to reboot, since the settings included saving information to the USB flash drive. The flash drive was pulled out, the phone offers to save to internal memory, and to do this, reboot. I naturally agree. Honor7 phone.

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The first method helped. It is necessary to hold the “power” button longer

Thank you so much!!! I don’t know what I was doing

If none of the above methods helped, then wrap the smartphone in a sealed plastic bag and put it in the freezer of the refrigerator. When freezing, the device turns off. Then, without pulling it out of the bag (to avoid condensation in the smartphone), heat the smartphone to room temperature and turn it on. The machine is alive!

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Hello! Please tell me what I need to do to fix the system problem in Honor 6C.

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power 2 volume buttons. everywhere they write nonsense, but it works for you without a service))

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One way helped. Hold the power button for 15 seconds. The phone rebooted and began to respond.

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The second method helped, Huawei a5

the first method helped, phone model huawei Y7

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Djakuyu for help! )

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Honor 8 lite phone primitive methods do not help the phone turns on and hangs on the Honor logo and everything tried to remove the battery did not help, what should I do?

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Huawei T 1 8.0 restarted after 9 seconds

honor-9 revived after 9 seconds

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How to copy contacts from phone to huawei sim card? – answers to questions about technology and not only – huawei devices

Exporting from Android to SIM is also done using third-party apps. They can be divided into two groups: alternative dialers and special transfer programs. The first type includes programs that replace the standard Phone application. Among the most striking examples are the following:

They not only allow you to copy numbers from your phone to SIM, but also, for example, record calls. Therefore, you may have several reasons forcing you to use third-party software. If we talk directly about the copying process, then in such programs the algorithm will be identical to the standard Android tools. Another thing is when we talk about special transfer programs:

These applications do not act as a dialer, but are highly specialized software, the only function of which is to transfer the list of subscribers from one drive to another. Regardless of which program you end up choosing, the instructions will look like this:

Of course, each program has its own design, and therefore menu items can be called differently. However, the interface of such applications is intuitive. It is replete with hints, thanks to which it is more difficult to make a mistake than to carry out the plan.

Exchange business cards between huawei phones.

– A lot of modern phones allow you to create

“electronic business cards”

(Virtual Card File), which are designed to store and transfer personal data.

Such a contact, a business card, can be transferred to another phone that supports the vCard format by any of the methods supported by the phones: via the Internet service, google account, mail, Bluetooth, WiFi, infrared or memory card.


It is especially convenient to transfer VCard contacts from an outdated Huawei phone to another phone via Bluetooth (it used to be the most advanced and technological way). First you need to connect two phones via Bluetooth. Then you go to “Contact” and give the command to send it via Bluetooth. On the second phone, a message appears, “Accept contact”, click “Save”.

And also, it is convenient to transfer contacts in VCard format via a USB flash drive – a removable memory card of the phone. On the old phone in the menu, you copy contacts to a memory card. You take it out and insert it into a new Huawei phone or another. In the new phone, through the menu, you import contacts into the contact book. You can also not copy to a USB flash drive, but send it via the Internet to a new phone. Email or Whatsapp will work for this.

The vCard format is compatible with almost any email program, such as Microsoft Outlook (how to use it will be written later). This allows you to save contacts from your Huawei phone to your computer, and edit them on it, as well as create new contacts, on the convenient large screen of your computer and using the PC keyboard.

Transfer huawei phone contacts via computer.

The classic way to transfer contacts from mobile to mobile phone is to use Huawei Proprietary Software or similar program mentioned earlier, such as MobilEdit and others. In this case, the phone is connected to the computer via cable or Bluetooth or Wi-Fi or infrared.

Next, the data synchronization program starts and copies the contacts from the Huawei phone database to the PC. If the models match or the phone manufacturer is the same, this method is effective. If the old and new phone are from different manufacturers, then in addition to the proprietary program of the phone manufacturer, an “intermediary” program is used – the Microsoft Outlook program (from the Microsoft Office package, do not confuse it with the Outlook Express mail client).

Microsoft Outlook, included in the Microsoft Office suite, can be used as a contact database that can be accessed by a variety of mobile devices. It is convenient to edit Outlook address book fields on a computer or laptop, add new fields or entries, and then synchronize them with cell phones of almost any model and manufacturer.

So, to transfer contacts via a computer or laptop, you need: – Microsoft Outlook program (from the Microsoft Office software package). data from the address book of the Huawei phone, with their subsequent recording in the Outlook database. – and depending on the method of connecting the phone to the PC, you need: Cable, IR or Bluetooth connection, WiFi connection.

Microsoft Outlook is the most common program for storing personal data or a contact book. Almost all developers of programs for synchronizing mobile phones use it as a database.

Transfer contacts via Outlook

– Contacts in Outlook are standardized and include: full name, company name, home address, four fields for entering phone numbers, email and website address, and additional fields.

All phone manufacturers try to bring the number of fields in the address books of mobile phones as close as possible to this standard. But despite all efforts to standardize contacts with Outlook, in reality, the phone books of some Huawei phone models can differ greatly from this standard.

Because of this, a clean and correct transfer of contacts from one mobile to another is not always possible, even on phones from the same manufacturer. Full correspondence of fields in the old and new devices can be achieved only with a minimum number of fields in the record. For example: First Name, Last Name and a couple of Phone Numbers.

It was a theory, and now it’s practice. To transfer contacts from your phone to Outlook, you need to connect your mobile phone to a PC, using a cable or wireless device. Using the capabilities of the phone, in our case Huawei and the computer, set up the connection between the phone and the PC.

Proprietary contacts synchronization utilities for huawei.

Use of proprietary software. This is when copying and transferring data from a Huawei phone to a computer is carried out through special Software (driver, program). All more or less well-known manufacturers of mobile equipment:

When using the phone manufacturer’s proprietary program, the address book is backed up on the PC of the old Huawei phone first. Then a new phone of the same manufacturer is connected to the computer: Huawei and in the same program, the contact book is transferred to the memory of the new phone.

But keep in mind that phones of different price ranges are not able to connect to a computer or laptop. They may or may not have Wi-Fi or USB or Bluetooth.


Another problem, different phone models have a different number of fields in the contact book. Because of this, when transferring contacts from an expensive model to a budget model of the same manufacturer, the contacts will not be transferred correctly. For example, if you transfer a Misha contact containing 6 phone numbers to a simple phone, you can get six contacts named Misha, each with one number. Or such data is simply lost during the transfer.

And if the transfer needs to be done between phones from different manufacturers, then not proprietary Huawei software is used, but universal software to synchronize phone data with a computer and with different models from different manufacturers.

Transfer contacts through the universal program

– In addition to branded programs, there are alternative (universal) contact synchronization programs that allow you to transfer address books between phones of different models and manufacturers.

Export contact book via huawei phone safe mode.

You must be warned that incorrect actions with folders and files on your phone in safe mode can lead to its inoperability and loss of phone warranty.

Copy contacts from contact.cdb file

– Contact data in the phone is stored in a file

contact.cdb in the phone’s DATA folder.

To copy data, you need to connect your Huawei phone to a PC via USB and boot your smartphone in safe mode.

To do this, when booting a Huawei phone, hold down the ABC key, for some models you need to hold the pound key. For touch smartphones, when the OS is rebooted, the main iron key “Home”, “On / Off” is held down. or “Back”.

Next, having entered the “Save Mode”, using a file manager, for example, Total Commander, you need to go to the phone and rename the DATA folder, for example, to Data1. Then copy the contact.cdb file to your PC. After copying the file, you need to rename the Data1 folder in the phone back to the Data folder and reboot the phone in normal mode.


If you have a contact database file – contact.cdb, you can transfer it to a new device, in the same way, by loading a new smartphone in safe mode, renaming the DATA folder, replacing the contact.cdb file with another one, returning the folder to its original name and rebooting the mobile phone in normal mode.


The transfer method described above is recommended to be used only as a last resort, when you already have a very old phone and there are a lot of contacts and there is no other way to transfer contacts through Huawei cell phone synchronization programs with PC or via the Internet.

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