TIT-U02_C579B105_Firmware_Ukraine_Central Asia & Caucasia_Nonspecific_Nonspecific_Android 5.1_EMUI 3.1 lite_05021XTX.EF

TIT-U02_C567B103_Firmware_Southern-East Asia_Southern Pacific_Papua New Guinea_Channel-Others_05021XHD.EF

_Firmware_Madagascar_Reunion_Mauritius_South Africa_Botswana_Zimbabwe_Namibia_Kenya_Zambia_Congo_Tanzania_Lebanon_Algeria_Egypt_Jordan_Ethiopia_South Sudan_Tunisia.zip

Firmware_05021XMW_Middle East_Western Africa_Eastern and Southern Africa_Northern Africa_Nonspecific

Firmware_Middle East_Western Africa_Eastern and Southern Africa_Northern Africa_Nonspecific

Firmware_Middle East_Western Africa_Eastern and Southern Africa_Northern Africa_Channel-Others


Восстановление прошивки смартфона Huawei Y6 pro (2016 года выхода) посредством компьютера с помощью программы SP Flashtool, потому что это самый действенный способ. Телефон может не включатся, быть разряжен, главное чтобы определялся хоть на секунду компьютером.

Нам понадобятся драйвера, программа для прошивки и сама прошивка. Все это одним архивом находится здесь. В архиве будет еще один архив, достаем папку по адресу UpgradeUSB upgradeTIT-U02C579B105signed_bin, в ней находится прошивка, в папке UpgradeUpgrade tools&drivers прошивальщик и прошивка соответственно.

Подключаем выключенный телефон к ПК. Для прошивки он должен определятся как «preloader usb port».


Если у Вас определяется с восклицательным знаком, тогда нужно установить драйвера. Для этого в диспетчере устройств нажимаем правой кнопкой мыши на нашем устройстве, выбираем обновить драйверы — установить с диска — и указываем путь к нашим драйверам.

Важно! Телефон в портах диспетчера устройств может появляться только на секунду и т.к. с ним нет взаимодействия, пропадать. Нужно успеть за это короткое время поймать его мышкой и выбрать обновление драйверов. Дальше можно не спешить.

Следующим запускаем программу flash_tool.exe. В поле «Download-agent» выбираем файл da_swsec.bin, который лежит вместе с флештулом в папке DA_TIT-U02_ROW. В поле «Scatter-loading» выбираем файл «MT6582_Android_scatter.txt», который находится в папке с прошивкой signed_bin. Программа проверит целостность прошивки в течении нескольких секунд. Снимаем галочку напротив первого файла preloader, это обезопасит нас от потери imei


tit-u02 sp flashtool расстановка файлов

Нажимаем кнопку Download. Прошивальщик готов и ожидает подключения. Подсоединяем кабелем выключенный смартфон. Побегут полоски прогресса и через несколько минут выпрыгнет окошко с сообщением успешного окончания прошивки.

Если будет ошибка 2004, выберите файл da_swsec.bin из другой папки. Если будет ошибка 6046 или другая, возвращайте галочку на preloader, выберите режим прошивки firmware upgrade вместо download only.


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  • Flash Huawei Y6 Pro Stock Firmware: How to Flash Huawei Stock Firmware – All Methods
  • Install Huawei Y6 Pro USB Driver: Download & Install Huawei Y6 Pro USB Driver
  • Make sure you are flashing the right flash file, We are not responsible for any harm that might come to your Smartphone.

Backup all your important data before flashing the Huawei Y6 Pro Stock Firmware because installing firmware will erase all your data:


  • GO to the Backup app on your home screen.
  • Tab on Backup & Choose the location to which you want to back up your data


  • Then touch   Back up to begin the backup.
  • set a password, you can Skip if you don’t want to set a password
  • After this is complete, tab Next to begin the backup.

Restore Huawei Y6 Pro


  • Go back to the Backup app, & tab on Restore
  • Choose the source of the data to be restored, and touch Next


  • Enter your password you set up early then touch OK
  • Select the data you want to restored and touch Start restoration.
  • Once you choose to restore your back up data
  • Finally, tab on OK to finish.

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Huawei Y6 Pro (TIT-U02) – Firmware

Specifications of this model devaysa

Since the HUAWEI Y6 Pro (TIT-U02) sold in Ukraine differs significantly from its counterparts with the same name, and first of all it has a completely different processor (MediaTek MT6582), it is advisable, in order to avoid confusion, to create a separate topic discussions of this device. HUAWEI Y6 Pro (TIT-U02)Huawei TIT-U02 (version for Ukraine)

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All manipulations with the device carried out only in the presence ofUnlock LOADER!

For beginners (and not only)

Mirror all firmware, backups and software from this threadBackup B105, B103 it is updatedmade through TWRP already sewn custom boot, superSU

Repackaged custom firmware for rekaveri

Phone resuscitation using SP Flash Tool and firmware C328B107For resuscitation C567B101b

Firmware based on AOSP, Android 5.0.2 – 5.1.1

Firmware based CyanogenMod, Android 5.0.2 – 5.1.1

Recovery / Root / Kernels

Reason for editing: Remedy “Waiting for download.”

How to Fix a bug with the sensor

Another possible through engineering menu to increase the sensitivity of the touch Screenshots:*#*#2846580#*#*Hardware testing / touch screen / settings tpd_em_pressure_threshold – changing the value 0 30Hardware testing / touch screen / settings tpd_em_auto_time_interval – value change 10 5After the value press Set.


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Reason for editing: In the header

* # * # 2846580 # * # * Login Enginer Mode

You can increase the autonomy of the battery:

Through engineering menu go into the first section in Telephony BandModeSIM1 and SIM2 and then remove the check mark, and with modes of GSM850 and PCS1900These regimes we do not, they are only used in America.

Proximity sensor calibration

Sip – settings for Internet calls;Mic – adjust the microphone sensitivity;Sph – setting the earpiece (the one that is applied in the ears);Sph2 – setting a second earpiece (I do not have in your phone);Sid – skipped when you change these parameters during negotiations on your smartphone or tablet, you can hear yourself instead of the interlocutor;Media – Multimedia volume setting;Ring – the volume level setting of the incoming call;FMR – Volume adjustment FM-radio.

Normal Mode (configuration section in the normal or usual) – such an active mode, when nothing is connected to the smartphone;

Headset Mode (headset mode) – a mode is activated after connection of headphones or external speakers;

LoudSpeaker Mode (speaker mode) – it is activated when the phone or tablet is not connected anything, and you turn on the speakerphone during a phone call;

Headset_LoudSpeaker Mode (mode when the headset is connected) – this mode is activated when the phone or tablet to connect headphones or external speakers, and you turn on the speakerphone while talking on the phone;

Speech Enhancement (talking on the phone mode) – a mode is activated in the ordinary conversation by telephone mode, wherein the audio to it which is not connected (headset, external speakers) is not included speakerphone.

Audio logger – used to record audio which supports quick search, playback, and save it.

After changing the settings values ​​need to click Set to save the changes.


ATTENTION!! Install only if unlocked bootloader!

Carliv Touch Recovery v5.7.3forHuawei Y6 Pro (TIT-U02) : recovery.img(5.69 MB)

Rekaveri assembled firmware based on Android 5.1 kernel version TIT-U02C567B101_13813_160122 / Fri Jan 22 20:54:08 CST 2016

Install fastboot mode command:fastboot flash recovery recovery.img

Stock recovery from the specified firmware:recovery.img(5.5 MB)

SDcard – External MemoryExtraSD – Internal memory


Post has been editedberZerk5 – 26.10.17, 03:37

Reason for editing: Added to cap.

divo2016 , The basic idea of ​​the modified rekoveri (as opposed to official) – a simplification of flashing / recovery process devaysaIn the official most often three points:

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* Mount / unmount the USB flash drive (for example, to write to the file from a computer)* Clean (wipe) sections – not only data, cache, but dalvik-cache example* The ability to flash the firmware with any name zip-archive, not just update.zip* Nandroid backups and BART – bekapirovanie partition system, data (and bart is able to backup partitions of type ext3 / ext4)* Fix the permissions of installed applications* Cleaning statistics battery use* The possibility of using a partition on the flash drive to install the application (APP2SD)* Other possibilities

Results of testing firmware 101b (Filipino) after daungreyta from 103 (Ukrainian):

The sensor (touch): The work is excellent. No complaints. Responsive touch, the keyboard works well. 103 problems with the sensor were wild, but now everything is just perfect! Engineering menu does not affect the general

: At 103 if the firmware was launched more than 3 tasks, they can be unloaded from memory and are executed from the Application manager – simply download the app again. Now RAM optimized!11 Running Applications(Including Play Music, Photoshop, YouTube, a game with 3-d graphics, and even a benchmark that test was carried out in addition). Nothing is unloaded! Applications remain in RAM, and I was able to work with them, they were loaded. The stunning result

: More is not observed (various conditions have been tested)!

: Not observed (or very rarely)

: very satisfied! Like a phone replaced after daugreyta. Those who have seen the problem on 103 firmware – highly recommend carry out the procedure on the 101 version. It does not become worse, but better – it is likely.

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Installation instructions modified rekaveri CTR

ATTENTION! Perform the installation only ifunlocked bootloader!

Installation recovery (All your data will be

SwingingADB tools.zip(1.09 MB)and extract the contents of the file on the system drive in the ADB folder.Downloadingmodified recovery.

1) Restarting phone fastbut (Disable phone, then the volume of the clamp + (VOL +), and when the power button is connected to a computer cord) – unit in reboots fastbut;2) Extract the ADB Tools, we place your rekaveri file to ADB folder;2) The ADB folder, hold the Shift key and right-click a context menu;3) Choose “Open menu command”, a window appears with the command line;4) We print command

We are waiting for the installation. Upon successful firmware will be written on the screen OK.

After this, without running the system, log in rekaveri. To do this, simply press and hold the VOL + and give the command:

then choose the recovery mode and confirm by pressing the VOL-

If you have opened PowerShell instead of the CMD:


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Turn your phone off, then hold down the volume down and power button when connected to a computer cord

Good morning everybody. Clamp so the keys, and he comes to the menu in Chinese. It seems there’s just a test or something like that. And how to make it go in fastbut mode?

Correcting job notifications

Open Settings – select Statistics – activate the switch in front of the application from which no longer comes to notice:




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Yes, already I understood. If clamping + comes in the menu where you can select this mode. All items are performed only failed to install. Eventually open the old menu.Interesting. Who is able to establish with the 104y?

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Reason for editing: addition

Instructions for those with any Linux distribution

(I write for Ubuntu, in all other similar)

1) Install the adb and fastboot:The terminal (combination of buttons ctrl + alt + t) enter:

sudo apt-get install android-tools-adb android-tools-fastboot

2) In any folder where the rekaveri, click the right mouse and choose “Open in Terminal”;If there is no such item (for example, in a freshly installed ubuntu) – install:

sudo apt-get install nautilus-open-terminal && nautilus -q

3) Reboot your phone into fastbut

(The unit in reboots fastbut);

4) The write terminal:

sudo fastboot flash recovery.img

5) Restarting unit command:


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monax-1 , . Do not forget to unzip the folder on the USB flash drive

y_yurec68 There have nothing to clean. Let them do of course, but a backup just virgin. He zavayplen from all

Post has been editedberZerk5 – 23.03.17, 22:18

Hello.Such is the poser – the device does not see the SIM card.First went to the endless reboot, wipe data after running, but without SIM cards.Tell me what to do, which way to look.Thank.P.S. If you look at IMEI is and the correct settings.

Post has been editedDimon184 – 25.03.17, 00:08

Dimon184 , Tried to do a full wipe? Or just hard rezet?

berZerk5 Through rekaveri I chose “wipe data / factory reset”

How to cite a nickname?

Dimon184 , Try to wipe all. It may help

Dimon184 If not help, then try to roll 101 firmware. Again. May I help

Dimon184 Without mod rekaveri not get to roll the firmware (that’s such a calamity

berZerk5 There is no wipe all there is

Dimon184 , Wipe all have to custom rekaveri on katabatic alas no such (

Dimon184 And the filipinku only through events rekaveri put!

Processor : ARMv7 Processor rev 3 (v7l)processor : 0BogoMIPS : 26.00Features : swp half thumb fastmult vfp edsp thumbee neon vfpv3 tls vfpv4 idiva idivtCPU implementer : 0x41CPU architecture: 7CPU variant : 0x0CPU part : 0xc07CPU revision : 3Processor : ARMv7 Processor rev 3 (v7l)processor : 1BogoMIPS : 26.00Features : swp half thumb fastmult vfp edsp thumbee neon vfpv3 tls vfpv4 idiva idivtCPU implementer : 0x41CPU architecture: 7CPU variant : 0x0CPU part : 0xc07CPU revision : 3Processor : ARMv7 Processor rev 3 (v7l)processor : 2BogoMIPS : 26.00Features : swp half thumb fastmult vfp edsp thumbee neon vfpv3 tls vfpv4 idiva idivtCPU implementer : 0x41CPU architecture: 7CPU variant : 0x0CPU part : 0xc07CPU revision : 3Processor : ARMv7 Processor rev 3 (v7l)processor : 3BogoMIPS : 26.00Features : swp half thumb fastmult vfp edsp thumbee neon vfpv3 tls vfpv4 idiva idivtCPU implementer : 0x41CPU architecture: 7CPU variant : 0x0CPU part : 0xc07CPU revision : 3Hardware : MT6582Revision : 0000Serial : 0000000000000000

RAM: 2048 MB (2002 MB available)

System RAM: 1984.000MBSystem RAM: 18.000MBmtkfb.0: 21.000MB

Flash: 16 GB (14.659 GB actual); 0.500 GB; 128 GB (119.084 GB actual)

mmcblk0: 14.659 GBzram0: 0.500 GBmmcblk1: 29.171 GB

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