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Doogee x5 – Firmwares (OS 6.0)

When I get home, I’ll install 6.0 (I don’t know the 1st revision)

Instructions for whom does not start (stripes on the screen) android 6.0

Download firmware (official) android 6.0 and 5.1 Unpack them (so that there are 2 different folders)


Open the 5.1 folder and copy the lk.bin file Then open the 6.0 folder and paste our lk.bin with the replacement (which we copied from 5.1) Open SP_flashtool (the higher the version, the better) and select the scatter-file from 6.0


And uncheck Preloader and flash the phone Then, without turning on the phone after firmware 6.0, go to folder 5.1 and select scatter-file in the same way And leave a checkmark in SP_flashtool only on Preloader


And we flash it, after the Preloader firmware we pull out the cable and enjoy android 6.0

WErt(WErt), sewed with all the checkmarks, did not get up in any way, did as uv wrote. rock1234 – everything worked out and started

WErt(WErt), updated on the top with saving data and everything is fine

Then the logic is not clear. There is with 1 revision who was asked and there is who was not asked. How is that?

Who can make a backup, what would just be done from the recovery mode?

Now you need a recovery, or will the old one go?

WErt(WErt), as studmix88 said,

to avoid confusion and keep topics clean

Is it possible to switch to 6.0 at all through recovery in twrp?

All files in one folder and here is the corrected MT6580_Android_scatter.txt ( 8.51 KB )

Twrp should fit

Twrp should come from x5max

And the old recovery works. Ruth this should come up (I have not tried it yet). I took it from the off site, I installed the old version, which is in the Doogee X5 theme – Official firmware (OS 5.1), then went into the bootlap.

SuperSU-root-BETA-v2.67.zip ( 4.09 MB )

TWRP 3.0.2 via local update

You can install any version available here on any firmware version 6.0, it will not affect anything.

Download the patch: ota-TWRP302-DOOGEE_X5_20170904.zip ( 12.13 MB ) on the core from the firmware DOOGEE-X5-Android6.0-20170904ota-TWRP302-DOOGEE_X5_20170823.zip ( 12.12 MB ) on the core from the firmware DOOGEE-X5-Android6 .0-20170823ota-TWRP302-DOOGEE_X5_20161123.zip ( 12.11 MB ) on the core from the firmware DOOGEE-X5-Android6.0-20161123

3. Select “software update”

4. Click on “Sliders top right”

5. Select “installation instructions”

6. Click “Install now” below

7. Press “Update”

8. Preparing to install the update

9. Reboot10. Installation in recovery mode11. Reboot to the system12. We say thank you!

Instructions for DOOGEE-X5-Android6.0-20160624 and below version

Patch via stock update: update-TWRP302-DOOGEE_X5_20160624.zip ( 12.1 MB ) on the core from the firmware DOOGEE-X5-Android6.0-20160624update-TWRP302-DOOGEE_X5_20160617.zip ( 12.1 MB ) on the core from the firmware DOOGEE-X5 -Android6.0-20160617Quick instruction:1. Settings2. About phone3. Software update4. Three dots top right 5. Local update6. Select file 7. Update now8. Ok9. Reboot10. Installation11. We say thank you!

Versions for SP Flash Tools

twrp302_20170904.img ( 11.21 MB ) on the core from the firmware DOOGEE-X5-Android6.0-20170904twrp302_20170823.img ( 11.21 MB ) on the core from the firmware DOOGEE-X5-Android6.0-20170823twrp 302_20161123.img ( 11.19 MB ) on kernel from firmware DOOGEE-X5-Android6.0-20161123

Repackaged on the basis of TWRP 3.0.2 from jemmini with the replacement of the kernel from the corresponding firmware version and the replacement of the path to the backups as it was in 5.1.

The original by jemmini has one but. Can’t recover from past old backups 5.1. Other folder and device name. Fixed in current versions of my repacks and version below.twrp302_20160617.img ( 11.18 MB )

Old, one of the first, version for SP Flash Tools based on X5max (do not recommend)

TWRP 3.0.2 for SP Flash Tool on kernel 6.0recovery-X5-60-max.img ( 11.23 MB )

Post has been editedWErt(WErt) – 03.08.18, 15:31

Reason for editing: new clothes

All files in one folder and here is the corrected MT6580_Android_scatter.txt ( 8.51 KB )

Did I understand correctly, you need to insert lk.bin from firmware 5.1 with a replacement into folder 6.0, and use this

? No more manipulation? Double firmware, as described by rock1234, is not needed in this case?

hacker_57, And Preloader

Who installed android 6.0, post screenshots

WErt(WErt), did you try to install it as you wrote here?

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