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Find your phone by imei

Our platform acts also like a phone finder by exploiting the power of IMEI. In order to do so, you need to get the digits that identifies your phone’s mobile equipment identity and go through the process that we have discussed previously. We know that losing a phone nowadays can be a terrible experience because these little machines became associated with our personal lives.

If you want to have a good chance finding your phone by IMEI, you’ll have to take action and act quickly. The first thing you need to think about is finding a device that has access to internet connection in order to access the IMEi tracking platform.

Then you’ll run the tracking to find your phone, but the situation is not as easy as it seems. The phone may be in movement and the system only shows the position at a precise moment. Keeping the position updated require a lot of resources from the internal and external system, that’s why you will need to open multiple sections or keep restarting the operational system until you find your phone.

Be careful in thefts cases, you may need the assistance of law enforcement to recover your stolen phone. Such actions require cooperation with the police to avoid altercations and ensure the smooth recovery of your device.

How does it work?

Phone manufacturers associates each device with a specific code called the IMEI. It’ll be associated with the phone during its lifetime, and it is very difficult to change without having access to generic manufacturing codes. That’s why phone operators combined this asset with signal transmitters to create a constant link between the phone and the satellites that conduct IMEI tracking.

The device is actively sending data packages to the operator through signal center that are linked with the operator’s servers and the earth-orbiting satellites. This allows it to exchange the required data for the satellites to perform trilateration and triangulation operations to situate the device on a global map.

The whole IMEI tracking process relies on a simple yet very useful equation that everyone knows about. Once your device transmits data such as transmission speed and reception time, the satellite runs the appropriate calculations to generate your phone’s position.

How to find the imei

1- Find the IMEI by Typing the Code in the Phone App

This is the simplest thing in the world: you will know what the IMEI of your Android is in a couple of steps.

Just do the following:

  • Open your mobile phone application as if you were going to make a call.
  • Type * # 06 #.
  • The mobile will have opened a window with the IMEI number: you just have to write it down. In the case that it is a double SIM, you must write down the two numbers.

2- In Android Settings

If the above method does not work for you for any reason, you can also find your IMEI in another way.

The IMEI is also noted in the settings of your mobile. You just need to enter “Settings” and go to “About phone,” it is usually the last option on the menu. Look for something like ‘Phone information,’ then ‘Phone identity.’ The names change because each manufacturer customizes Android as they want, but the IMEI always appears in that section.

3- Look For the Mobile Box

The manufacturer always puts the IMEI of their smartphones in the box, so you only need to look for it to write down the identifier. It is usually on the back of the packaging or the side.

4- If Your Mobile Has a Back Cover, the IMEI Is Under the Battery

This is very strange since most current phones are Unibody, so their battery cannot be accessed. Otherwise, you only need to access the inside of your smartphone and write down the IMEI.

Some brands include a small label on the SIM socket, where the IMEI is noted. This is not the norm, but it is worth keeping in mind.

5- I No Longer Have My Mobile

This is the worst part because it means a high probability that your smartphone has been lost or stolen. Don’t despair, maybe you can get it back. For this, it is important to know the IMEI, you can know it even if you do not have the smartphone.

How to track a phone with imei

The first thing you have to do is get your IMEI digits by dialing a special code in your phone *#06#. Phones usually generates three codes; IMEI 1, IMEI 2 and SN. The first and second IMEI refer to the same mobile device, you can neglect the SN as it won’t be useful in the upcoming steps.

Imei checking –

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Online imei tracking

In our times, pretty much everything goes through online platforms that provide services that can be granted anywhere at any time. Thanks to automation and the development of modern technologies, it is possible now to track any IMEO online without having to go through any intermediate.

Locating a number with IMEI is a powerful tracking alternative that can save your life in delicate situations. All you need to do is enter the IMEI of the device you wish to locate in the appropriate platform and let the system run the adequate process and deliver you the position of your cellphone.

You just need internet connection to access the platform, enter your IMEI and get your mobile’s real time position within minutes. We know that people need to access the platform anywhere they go because losing a phone can come up in any place. That’s it’s advisable to note or remember your phone’s imei to avoid losing time in critical situation; Any minute that passes without you taking action to recover your mobile enhances the chances of never finding it again.

Online IMEI trackers are the most effective tracking tools on the internet; you can access them anywhere you go only by having internet connection. The utility of these platforms appear when people find themselves in delicate position such as robberies or simple phone lost.

Phone tracking alternatives

If you cannot find your device’s IMEI, you can opt for other services that will help you to find your mobile’s location. These websites operate differently and do not rely on the international mobile equipment identity to geo-locate your device.

The most popular apps use the basic GPS feature available on every mobile device. It allows you to know your device’s position through internet. Which means that locating your phone would be impossible without internet access. This is a big inconvenient, If we consider the fact that in the majority of the cases the phone is not connected to internet or even out of battery.

The internet connection keeps the data-exchange process alive and tells the app about your updated phone position. We are not saying that these apps are not efficient, but their operating capacity is very limited. You can’t rely on these apps in some situations (Example: no battery, no internet connection).

The second type of services are more developed and rely on a different technology called the subscriber identity module.The SIM card connects your phone with your mobile operator and enables different features.

In fact, phone operators can track your mobile using the SIM card. That is exactly how phone-tracking websites operate.This technology is far more efficient and provides a better geo-positioning. In order to use it, you need to provide the number connected to your mobile.

Track imei

IMEI stands for International Mobile Equipment Identity. IMEI is a protective phone system that helps identifying mobile phones and distinguish it from other devices. Each phone is associated with a specific digital code formed by at least 14 characters.

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