Huawei ETS3253 User Manual

Adding a contact

Select Menu > Phonebook > Add New.

Select the memory in use.

• Phone: Save the contact to the FWT.

• SIM: Save the contact to the SIM card.


to set the Name and Mobile Number

of the contact.

Press left soft key to save the contact or press

right soft key to cancel.

There is a length limit for a contact name. The


length limit of the SIM card is subject to differ-

ent SIM cards used in different countries and


Alarm clock

If the alarm clock is activated, the FWT rings at the

preset time when it is powered on. You can set up to

three alarm clocks.

Select Menu > Applications > Alarm.


Press left soft key to select an alarm clock.


the alarm clock.


to save the settings.

to scroll the alarm clocks.

to set state, time and period of

Auto dialing

In handsfree or offhook mode, if the auto-dial function

is enabled, an entered phone number is dialed auto-

matically. If the activation time is too short, an incom-

plete phone number may be dialed.

Select Menu > Phone Settings > Auto Dial.

Select one from the options.

Time & Date

You can set the current time and date.

Select Menu > Phone Settings > Time & Date.


to select Date or Time.

Connecting the terminal to pc

The FWT can be connected to a PC to provide data

services. You need to purchase the data service

suite. For details, please consult your service pro-


As show in the following figure, connect the end of

the data cable to PC and the other end to the data

port of the FWT.

• Switch off the FWT and disconnect it from


power adapter before connecting.

• Use the cable provided by the manufacturer.

Installing the Management


If you are using the data service for the first time, you

need to install the FWT management program. The

steps of installing the FWT management program are

as follows, which are for your reference only.

Connect the FWT to a PC with a compatible

USB cable.

Put the installation disk into the CD-ROM.

The installation program automatically starts,

and then the installation interface is displayed.

Follow the instructions of the installation pro-


Creating a message

Select Menu > Messages > Write

Write a message

After writing the message, press left soft key for

the following operations:

• Save: Save the message to the Draft.

• Send: Add the recipient(s) and send the message.

Press left soft key to send the message

Entering letters

In the “Abc”, “ABC” and “abc” input mode, you can

enter English letters.

You can press the number key labeled with desired

letters once to enter the first letter on the key, twice to

enter the second letter on the key, and by analogy.

If the letter you want to enter is on the same key as

the previous one, you can enter the letter only after

to change

right soft key

once to

right soft key

for over two

Entering numbers

Do as follows to enter numbers:

• In the “123” input mode, press the number key labeled

with the desired digit.

• In the “Abc”, “ABC” or “abc” input mode, press the num-

ber key repeatedly until the desired digit appears on the


In any text input mode, press

symbol list.

Press scroll keys to select the symbol.

Press left soft key to enter a symbol.

Text Entry

to display the

Front view



1 Display Screen Display information.

2 Antenna

Receive signals.

3 Left soft key

Select the option displayed on the

lower left corner of the screen.

Getting to know your fwt

Your Fixed Wireless Terminal (hereinafter referred to

as the FWT) is based on the Global System for

Mobile Communications (GSM) technology.

It provides the voice service, SMS service and sup-

ports two saving modes for the contacts and the

SMS, the SIM card and the FWT.

The FWT is an ideal wireless terminal for the house-

hold use.


Before installing or removing the battery, indoor


antenna or SIM card, swich off the FWT and

disconnect the FWT from the power adapter. To

prevent lighting from injuring human body,

remove the outdoor antenna too.

The SIM card and its golden contact can be


easily damaged by a scratch or bend. Be care-

ful when installing or removing the SIM card.

Install the SIM card according to the following figure.

Make sure that the golden contact of the SIM card is

facing downwards.

Installing the battery

• When the ambient temperature exceeds the


temparature allowed for charging, the system

will stop charging the battery.

• When the power adapter is in use, the FWT

will automatically charge the battery and stop

it after the battery is fully charged.

• Take the battery out of the FWT if the FWT is

left unused for a long period.

• Make sure that the battery has been charged

for more than 8 hours before it supplies

power for the FWT at the first time. The

charging time depends on the environmental

temperature and the age of the battery.

• When installing battery, make sure that the

battery cord plug matches the battery jack.

Do not insert conversely.

Insert the connection cable of the battery into the bat-

tery cord jack, and then seat the battery in the bat-

tery container.

Installing the indoor antenna

Make sure that the FWT is switched off.

Installing the Power Adapter

Align the indoor antenna with the antenna port

on the FWT host in the right direction, and then

screw the antenna, ensuring that the connection

is secure.

Making a call

Making a Call through the Keypad

In the standby mode, press number keys to enter

a phone number. If the number is wrong, press

right soft key to clear it.


to dial the phone number.


or right soft key to end the call or

cancel the dialing.

Making a Call from the Dialed Calls


to power it

In the standby mode, press


to power it


Making a Call from the Phonebook

In the standby mode, press the right soft key; or

select Menu > Phonebook.



Memory status

Select Menu > Messages > Memory Status to view

the memory status of the SIM card and the FWT.

Message Settings

• Validity: The time of keeping a message in the

SMSC after it is sent.

• Report: You can set whether to receive a delivery

report after a message is sent.

• Auto Save: If the auto-save function is enabled,

messages are automatically saved after being

sent. Messages sent successfully are saved to the

outbox. Messages sent unsuccessfully are saved

to the draft.

Network service

You can set network-related functions, such as call

waiting, call forward, call barring or network select.

All the services are network dependent. Consult your

service provider for details.

, and set the time or

to save the settings.

Operating environment

Do not place magnetic storage media such as magnetic

cards and floppy disks near the FWT. Radiation from the

FWT may erase the information stored on them.

Do not put your FWT, battery, or other accessories in con-

tainers with strong magnetic field, such as the induction

cooker and microwave oven. Otherwise, circuit failure, fire,

or explosion may result.

• Do not place or use the FWT, the battery or the power

adapter near any heat sources such as fire or a heater; or

places with flammable gases; or areas with electrical appli-

ances that give out heat. Otherwise, it will cause fire, explo-

sion and breakdown of the FWT.

• Because the FWT needs to eliminate heat during working,

put the FWT and the power supply in a ventilated and shad-

owy place. Never airproof the FWT or put something on it or

place it near water, fire as well as inflammable and explo-

sive materials.

• Because the FWT contains precision devices, you should

put it in a dry place and away from moist materials.

• Before cleaning the FWT, please power off the FWT, and

then disconnect the power supply and take out the battery.

Placing the fwt

Horizontal Placing

Place the FWT on a flat surface. Select a cool and

ventilated site for the FWT to dissipate the heat.

Power adapter

Use AC power as specified for the power adapter. Any viola-

tion of this rule may result in fire or malfunction of the power


• Do not short-circuit the power adapter. Short-circuiting the

power adapter may cause fire or malfunction of the power


• Remove the dust on the power plug regularly.

• Do not use worn-out power cords. Otherwise, electric shock,

short-circuiting of the power adapter, or fire may result.

• Do not put the power adapter near the container filled with

liquid such as water. If the liquid comes into the power

adapter, electrical leakage or other faults may result.

• If the liquid such as water comes into the power adapter

accidentally, remove the plug of the power adapter from the

socket immediately.

• Disconnect the power adapter from the socket before clean-

ing or maintaining it. Otherwise, electric shock or short-

circuiting of the battery or power adapter may result.

• Ensure the plug of the power adapter is properly inserted

into the power socket when charging the battery. Improper

insertion may result in electric shock, fire, or explosion.

Do not place any heavy object on the power cord of the

power adapter. Do not damage, change, or pluck the power


Please abide by the local laws in proposing of the package

materials of your FWT, consumed batteries and used FWT,

and try to recycle them.

Please observe the national local regulations in the location

where product is to be used.

FCC Class B Statement

This equipment has been tested and found to comply with the

limits for a Class B digital device, pursuant to part 15 of the

FCC Rules. These limits are designed to provide reasonable

protection against harmful interference in a residential installa-

tion. This equipment generates, uses and can radiate radio

frequency energy and, if not installed and used in accordance

Powering on or off the fwt

When the FWT is off, press and hold


In the standby mode, press and hold



The FWT provides two profiles. You can enable and

customize a profile.

Selecting a profile

Select Menu > Phone Settings > Profiles.



to enable it.

Editing a Profile

Select Menu > Phone Settings > Profiles.



Press left soft key and select Edit. You can set

the following options:

• Call Ring: Select a ringtone for incoming calls.

• Message Ring: Select a message tone.

to select General or Outdoor.

to scroll profiles: General and

• Key Tone: Select On/Off to enable/disable the keypad


• Ring Volume: Adjust the volume of rings.

Speed dialing

If a number key is set as the speed dial key of a

phone number, you can press and hold it to call the


to scroll call records.

to dial.

to scroll the contacts.

to dial.

Text input mode

While entering text, you can press

the input mode.

• In the edit mode, press


delete the letter on the left of the cursor.

• Press and hold

seconds to delete all letters.


The display screen does not turn on after the

FWT is powered on (the FWT is not connected to

the power adapter).

Make sure that the battery is installed.

The battery level is low. Connect the FWT to the

power adapter.

The display screen does not turn on after the

FWT is powered on (the FWT is connected to the

power adapter).

The voltage output of the power adapter does

not meet the requirement of the FWT. Check

whether the AC input is normal and the power

adapter is the approved one.

The external voltage of the power adapter is low

or unstable; disrupting the normal functioning of

the FWT. Check whether the external voltage of

the power adapter is normal. You can also install

the battery in the FWT.

There is no signal icon on the display screen.

Make sure that the antenna is installed properly.

If there is still no signal, contact your service pro-

vider to check whether the FWT is in the signal

coverage area.

Viewing a contact

Select Menu > Phonebook > Name List to view the


When you view the contact, press left soft key for the

following operations:

• Edit: Edit the name or mobile number of the contact.

• Copy: If the SIM card is available, you can copy the

contact from the FWT to the SIM card or from the SIM

card to the FWT.

• Delete: Delete the contact.

• Call Number: Dial the number.

• Send SMS: Write and send a message to the number.

Viewing a message

Viewing the Inbox

The inbox stores received messages.

When there is a new message, the FWT rings and

appears on the screen. If

cates that the message memory is full. To view the

inbox, do as follows:

Viewing the Outbox/Draft

The Outbox stores messages that are sent success-

fully. You can view, forward, delete a message or

delete all the messages stored in the Outbox.

The Draft can store drafts and messages that are not

sent successfully. You can edit, delete a message or

delete all the messages stored in the Draft.

Voice mail

blinks, it indi-

Select Menu > Messages > Inbox.


to scroll the messages.

Select and view a message by the following


• Press

left soft key

• Press

and select View.

Select Menu > Messages > Voice Mail.

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