Which phone is better – Samsung or Honor

What to choose

The biggest difference is in the processors. They are different here. The iPhone 7 integrates the quad-core Apple A10 Fusion. The iPhone 8 version has a 6-core A11 Bionic processor. The company claims that it is 70% faster than the previous one. And these are not empty words. In Antutu Benchmark, it shows a value of 207 thousand, while the iPhone 7 processor gives a value of 110 thousand.


Both manufacturers are working on improving battery life. When buying a smartphone from a Chinese or Korean brand, the user gets 1.5-2 days of work if energy-intensive scenarios are not performed. This is achieved by installing a high-capacity battery, an energy-efficient processor, and using software adapted to the parameters of a particular model.


The autonomy of a smartphone directly depends on the capacity of the battery. Yes, other aspects, such as screen resolution or processor power, also affect the duration of the battery life, but a large battery always gives a good start.

Samsung and Honor smartphones differ in the choice of battery type. On the devices of the South Korean manufacturer, lithium-ion batteries are most often found, while the competitor has lithium-polymer batteries. The first type of battery is cheaper, but at the same time it has good energy intensity. Honor lithium-polymer batteries are more expensive, less prone to wear, but the specific capacity shows a relatively low autonomy. Indeed, the difference is minimal.

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Now let’s talk about battery capacity. Until recently, Samsung devices could not boast of decent autonomy. But everything has changed in 2020. The Galaxy M30 and M30s models appeared on the market with 5000 mAh and 6000 mAh batteries. With such a battery, even with active use, the smartphone will work for 2 days.

Honor has never had problems with autonomy. The Chinese company was one of the first to launch smartphones with a minimum battery capacity of 4000 mAh. And even though Honor has few models with 5000 mAh and higher batteries, there are no devices with insufficient battery capacity from the manufacturer.


Earlier, we have already noted that although Honor and Samsung devices are based on different firmware, they are controlled in the same way. However, you still need to compare smartphone software. Indeed, in addition to management, there are other distinctive features of each firmware.

Samsungs are based on the One UI proprietary shell. Yes, it is based on Android, but it has some interesting features. It has updated all the built-in applications, changed the notification shade and added a dark theme.

The EMUI shell on the Honors is also different from the stock Android. By the way, the same firmware is installed on all Huawei smartphones. It uses a single desktop, there is a voice assistant and ample personalization options. In this regard, the Honor shell looks more variable than One UI. But in any case, the operating system or a specific firmware version is a matter of taste. The shells on the smartphones of the two companies work equally fast, and the final speed depends on the performance of the processor.

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Comparison of samsung and huawei smartphones

If Honor is a youth brand, then Huawei offers a larger selection of classic models similar to Samsung’s top-level products. Like the sub-brand, the advantages of Chinese smartphones are in photo quality, performance. At the same time, Samsung can offer its users the best Amoled screen on the market, a set of innovative features that Huawei does not have.

Feature Comparison

Choosing between Honor or Samsung is not easy. Designers and engineers of each brand try to offer users reasoned differences that the rival does not have.

Comparing honor and samsung phones

The positioning of Honor and Samsung devices is very different. Although both companies produce smartphones of different levels, full-fledged flagships are present only in the Samsung lineup. Because of this, it will not be possible to compare the 2 most expensive devices to identify the best. In our review, we will turn to devices in several price categories and draw a general conclusion.


Samsung and Honor are brands that produce smartphones of different price categories. Both companies have budget and flagship lines. In the lower price segment, devices that are officially sold in Russia, other things being equal, cost about the same. But in the class of flagship devices, the price of Samsung reaches 100 thousand rubles. For example, the most expensive Honor 20 Pro costs 25-30 thousand rubles, depending on the store and the selected memory configuration.

On AliExpress and other Chinese marketplaces, you can buy an Honor smartphone even cheaper.

What is the difference between phone models

You can understand the brand policy if you compare Honor 10 and Samsung Galaxy s8. Models – competitors in the class, each has a number of distinctive advantages. Samsung Galaxy has:

  • Protection against dust, moisture;
  • Amoled screen, no notch a la Apple;
  • Battery life is higher than the competitor.
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Advantages of Honor 10:

  • Better camera;
  • Higher performance;
  • Bright appearance.

Make a choice: Honor 10 or Samsung a8 is not an easy decision. The models are quite different, each is designed for its own circle of consumers.

Owner reviews


The US government’s sanctions against Huawei have had a significant impact on user priorities, making it impossible to install Android on Chinese smartphones. The manufacturer managed to soften the blow, delay the sanctions, but many advise to purchase Samsung, which guarantees receipt of operating system updates. Otherwise, opinions about quality, design, performance were equally divided.

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